Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Cousin Has Been Kidnapped

I have blogged extensively about the violence in Honduras and two days ago the unthinkable happened in my family.  My son's cousin*he isn't actually my cousin, but he is the cousin of my stbx husband and son* Two days ago he was in his home with his kids that he is raising with his wife*not their mother*.  He has eight children total and is taking care of all of them on his own.  He had a spot in the market that he ran with his father and mother and his father has been working for the government lately since the win of Pepe Lobo as president.

As to what happened, we know very little except that men dressed as DNIC officers broke into the home and took him from his house two days ago, since that time we have heard nothing.  We have received no ransom demands, no clue as to where he is and we have been to morgues, police stations to see if he was in jail, hospitals and everywhere else we could think of.  He seemingly disappeared without a trace.

I am asking everyone to keep his mother Amparo and father Marino in their prayers.  He has a brother, Leonard and a sister Diana and his name is Noe.  Of course he has eight children that are hoping for his safe return though with each passing hour that looks less hopeful.  This has indeed been a very difficult week for our family and neighborhood, 2 burials in the past 8 days and now another missing.

If you have have seen or know of the whereabouts of Esteban Noe Moreno CaƱada please call 2566-1238, 9673-2527 or for English 8883-4766 any information that you have is appreciated.