Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Honduras Needs Samaritan Laws

On Sunday one of our neighbors and my son's soccer coach was killed in a motorcycle accident on Avenida Junior in front of Taco Pollo here in San Pedro Sula.  His oldest daughter Melissa was with him.  They had just returned from a trip to Tela and Santa Barbara.  A drunk man hit them and he was thrown off his motorcycle with the daughter.  He hit the telephone pole so hard that it knocked his helmet off and he hit his head on the pavement.  At first he was unconcious and then he woke up.  At some point his daughter was transported to the IHSS hospital.where she is in grave condition.  Somehow though no one, not even the police transported him to the hospital.  It seems the reason was he had a tattoo, not a gang tattoo mind you, just a tattoo.  The ignorance of some folks here astounds me when it comes to tattoos you are automatically assumed to be associated with a gang or to be a criminal.  This somehow makes you subhuman and not worthy of your life being saved.  It even can earn some folks making comments that you should be dead.  He was left in agony begging for help for almost 1 hour and not even the police would rescue him and he finally expired from his injuries then they sent for forensics to recover his body.

This above scene would never occur in the US because the police would be in serious trouble and any people around would have long before called an ambulance and rescue services regardless of what the man looked like.  In Honduras, we need to establish samaritan laws that not only protect people if they rescue someone and take them to the hospital and at the same time requires people to act and not just stand there and allow someone to die on the side of the road without rendering aid, especially the police should be held criminally responsible for someone dying like this.  How outrageous that now we are burying a man who was a wonderful neighbor, father and coach.  He had three children, two daughters and a son. His 12 year old son had been stricken with polio as a small child and it caused serious damage to his spinal column and organs.  This young man was doted on by his father and he never needed for anything.  They spent countless time and hours trying to find medical assistance for his son.  His daughters Melissa 19 and Pamela 14 are wondeful brite young ladies.  This man is a loss to our neighborhood and we are all saddened by the situation.  Had he been taken to the hospital he may have been saved, but no one, not even the police tried to save him.