Friday, January 14, 2011


Can someone give a holler upstairs and tell someone that they can push the off button on the rain any time now?
I couldn´t leave my home all day and I am dying from cough, fever and all that jazz and really needed to go to work today...but nope the rain couldn´t allow that to I sit here writing this it is stillll raining...good grief.

This is 27th street...anyone up for playing in the rain?

My employee at the new bodega lives in Progreso so I let him go home early today...not like they were doing anything and I never made it to work because the streets were flooded in between me and work and me sick to death got soaked and a good chewing out from everyone.  So far 56 families in his community have been evacuated to safety.

In other news our city has been named the third most violent in the WORLD the world...what happened to the days when Maduro was president?

In San Pedro Sula alone we had 1,018 murders in 2010.  That is 125 murders for every 100,000 inhabitants.
The only places more violent than San Pedro Sula are Kandahar, Afghanistan(good lord) and Ciudad Juarez in Mexico.  Ciudad Juarez has 229 deaths per 100,000 and Kandahar has 169.9.

In other news a doctor that was from Barrandillas the community next to ours and where I had taken my son when he was ill or myself has been identified as the body that was found.  He was kidnapped in September and has been missing since.  Everyone called him the doctor from Barrandillas.  His name was Allan Caballero...things won´t be the sympathies to his friends and family.