Sunday, October 09, 2011

My Last Day in Honduras is Wednesday

I will be leaving Honduras on Wednesday, but hopefully not for good.  I don't really know right now what the future will hold on my return to Honduras.  I love this country and it has become as much a part of me as I have became a part of Honduras.  I am not sure how returning to the US is going to affect me, but it will be a very difficult transition for me that is for sure.

My heart breaks for so many things right now.  I am sad about my cousin, sad about the death of a friend, and even more sad now that my son has returned to the states and me forcing him to go back when he wanted to stay in Honduras.  I had to insist though with the murder rate at 82 per 100,000 there is no way I am letting him stay here when he has a way out.  So he went back to the states and he promised his friends he would return to Honduras and I am sure he will, he is after all more Honduran than he is American.

I have thought about all the things I will miss here and I am feeling very sorry for myself right now so I am going to write about the misery I feel right now over leaving Honduras.  What I will likely miss most is the food here. I love the different foods, green fried bananas, chimol, ceviche, yucca with chicharrones, there are countless things...of course these things can be found in the US and are more common all the time as the community grows in the US, but the food for some reason never tastes the same as it does here.  That said what I will truly miss the most are my friends and neighbors.  Las Brisas is now a conflicted zone when it was very safe and hopefully soon they regain control of the community and plans are in action as I write this so most have whispered to me in about a year things should be settled down again.  The community sad to see us go are all in agreement that we have made the best decision in leaving and that all of them wish they could transplant our little community to the US and I wish that too because it would be great to have all my same neighbors in the US with me, but that is impossible.  I will miss walking to the 'pulperia' and talking to several people along the way or going to visit friends in the evening or even going to the local lady that cooks food and buying chicken and tajadas or a baleada.  Listening to the kids pop fireworks at tremendously inappropriate times.  I will miss the vegetable man with his cart and horse selling us potatos, tomatoes, green peppers, etc and listing for his cart to come by the loud speaker he speaks over.  I will miss water being delivered to my house and will feel really wierd about drinking out of a tap....I can see the looking for wierd stuff coming out of my tap now..and nothing happening in the my water ran from brown to yellow and occasionally clear..but usually never without floaties...oh well wierd the things I will miss.  I will miss having wall to wall ceramic flooring.  I love my ceramic floors and hate carpet.  I will miss living in my two story house and standing on the second floor patio looking out over the neighborhood and being able to see the Merendon from there. I have made my decision but sort of regret it in a way, but I know this is the best thing even if it is killing me inside.  My heart is broken I love it here.  I never wanted to return to the US, but I never dreamed the mess Honduras would become.  I will miss watching the kids play soccer and my son running around shirtless after the soccer ball.  Remind me why I am doing this again?

The things I won't miss are the violence and pain that have been caused by really bad people.  I miss my cousin and want him back, but know that is impossible in my heart.  I miss David and I miss so many things...but I have to go back to the US and start over.  I will miss my life here, but I will have a new life that I am not sure is going to be as I would like in the US.  I will be with someone I love dearly which counts for a lot.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

256 Women Murdered in Honduras during 2011

Over 256 women have been murdered in Honduras in this year alone.  This is a terrible number of women and absolutely astounding.  What is worse is that very few of these crimes have been solved.

In Honduras, when you read the paper it is very rare to see the paper admit a woman was raped before she was murdered.  The paper will say that the body was found half naked or naked, and things along that line that imply what occurred but they rarely come out and say the woman was raped and murdered.

Recently two little girls of just 13 years old were found dead after they had left out from their home at 7 pm together.  The girls were found in two different locations.  One was found dead close to her home and the other was found in the colonia Villeda Morales.  How can anyone murder two 13 year old girls? These are babies!

Here we don't seek justice we just often hear the family say ...let God take care of it.  That saying of dejalo a Dios drives me up a wall. How are they ever going to get justice if they don't put some effort into discovering who is behind all this? For all we know some of this is the work of a serial killer! No, we just leave it to God and let him sort it out, while more women die every day.