Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Snow Cones with a Honduran Twist

In Honduras like in most Latin American countries the icecream man pushes a cart around selling his ice cream to the neighborhoods.  Here they have a different version than I have ever seen.  It is something that I enjoy though.  They scoop shaved ice into a cup and put the snow cone flavoring in the ice usually a red color and slap 'miel' honey on it and canned condensed milk on top with a straw and spoon for your enjoyment.  I never get tired of this treat and I usually ask them to leave the ' miel' off because it makes it too sweet I love the condensed milk being added to the topping...I wish I had my camera with me this afternoon but perhaps I can find a picture of it on the net somewhere and add it here for everyone...the cost of these little treats is 10 lempiras which is about 50 cents or less in US dollars.

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roboty ziemne radom tanio said...

I like ice creams