Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ex president Zelaya said that he considers the murder of one of his FNRP members as an act of war.  The person he is referring to is Mahadeo Roopchands Sadloo, a person of Indian origin.
I am all for freedom of speech, but this guy was a rebel rouser and we do not know that this was any political issue at all.  With all the violence going on for all we know he had narcotics connections and was 'dealt with' accordingly.  He was a naturalized citizen promoting the overthrow of the constitution and government, he should have been deported.
Zelaya said, this is a declaratio of war against us.
Really? According to police the guy they called' Emmo' got into an argument with a client over some rims and the situation ended in tragedy that the client shot him five times. That hardly is a declaration of war or even a political act.  
Unknown individuals shot ' Emmo' five times according to the hospital authorities.  
Zelaya said that the justice system is a failure in Honduras and accused it of taking the country into chaos and 
accused them of promoting a war against resistence groups.

I agree that the justice system is a failure in Honduras, but it isn't because of any promotion of war against any groups in Honduras.  The justice system was just as big a tragedy under Zelaya as it is today..
Zelaya called it a political crime, though no determination has been made as to why he was killed yet or who killed him.
We are peaceful, but also the patience of people has come to an end, said Zelaya

Oh really you are a peaceful people? Shall we take a walk down memory lane as to how peaceful you are? Let's look at some pictures shall we?

Yep really peaceful looking folks there....

The ex president said that his political commission is going to make a decision as soon as possible to plan the actions that they are going to take because of this crime.

Your political commission is going to make a decision about what you are going to do? HAHA! How about sitting down, shutting up, and waiting for the investigation to determine whether this was a business deal that went bad or whether it was political and then discuss it...but who is your commission Zelaya? You and yourself? I certainly don't see too much resistence activity these days.
He said this cannot be left this way and we cannot stay silent 
Why isn't he so vocal about the deaths of all the women in Honduras? No outrage there huh?


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