Saturday, September 17, 2011

Brewing Guerilla War in Bajo Aguan

I haven't spoke about this in awhile because it is a sore point with me.  I disagree vehemently with the president Pepe Lobo on this issue. I would not have even considered giving the land to these criminals in the first place.  He has proposed however, to pay for it with tax payer money.  The thing is they have already proven they are not going to be happy with this and that they are determined to carry out a war and take the entire area regardless of what agreements are made.

Yesterday, a police truck was attacked with grenades and high powered weapons.  As a result a police officer and a soldier are dead and others are injured.  The police truck was doing patrols so there had been no confrontation this was an out and out planned attack.  It is time to go in there and clear out the entire area of people and do a shake down.  I would retire any proposals from Congress that have to do with giving land to anyone.

What needs to be passed is a law that if you didn't buy the land you can't have it period.  I do not understand the attitude of some of the poor folks that think that because a person is wealthy it is ok to steal from them. I have seen this attitude from several people in Honduras and I fail to see how stealing from the rich is any different from stealing from anyone else.

What I see is a small scale guerilla war that needs to be quashed in its early stages and some of this guerilla war is being fueled by Mel Zelaya, Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega.  Any foreigner in that area needs to be told that they need to leave Bajo Aguan and to stay out if they don't want to be presumed as making war against the state of Honduras.  There are plenty of areas they can find safe haven in Honduras outside of the Bajo Aguan if they are not here for malicious reasons.  Anyone else caught with high powered weapons or grenades in that area need to be charged under military codes for making war against Honduras and treated accordingly.  Treason in the US gets you put in front of a firing squad...I wonder how long it would take for them to stop making their little guerilla war if the state of Honduras started putting traitors in front of a firing squad?

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