Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thinking Like You Are Honduran!

When I was in the states there were so many things that happened here in Honduras that I just didn´t understand..well now that I am here I am beginning to get it and think like a Honduran..and as a result my American friends in the states think that my mind is being afflicted by too many bananas!

In Copan a thief decided to go into a man´s house...the man shot at the thief and the thief shot back.  Both were hurt and fell to the ground.  The thief´s friends waiting outside heard the gunfire and rescued their friend and ran to the clinic with him in their pickup. 

In the meantime neighbors alarmed at the events unfolding ran out to see what was occurring and some rescued the man taking him to the clinic where he expired later.  However, another group launched out in their vehicles guns in hand in hot persuit of the thieves and caught them on a curvy road on the way to the clinic...they opened fire on the thieves killing the one that was already injured and kidnapping the other to likely torture and kill elsewhere..he will appear in some sugar cane field dead as a doornail..and then the driver ran off and no one knows where he is.

I found myself happy that they got these fools...instead of thinking like an American and saying..why didn´t they call the police? Well folks..the police don´t do anything around here..and the only way to deal with them is just like happened in the community...what is unusual is that the community didn´t look the other way and pretend it didn´t involve them..horray for this community..if they keep this up they will not be terrorized by the corruption and crime taking hold of the country..if only more communities acted like this...I know, I know how in the heck can I think like that? Well, I guess I am finally a Honduran and if you really think the police are going to do something you still think like an Honduras if you want justice quite simply you have to do it yourself.

Fire the Teachers

Well the teachers are at it again...on strike.  This sounds like a broken record lately and I am so sick of the strikes.  I propose we actually do what was proposed by ANDI and actually close the schools.

Reagan fired all of the air traffic controllers when they went on strike and it worked I propose we either fire all of the teachers or we close all of the public schools here and make vouchers for those who cannot afford to pay for private school.  It would be cheaper than providing for these broken down schools and these ruffians that want to convince us they are teachers.  Paying tuition in Honduras isn´t that expensive and the education is ok..not perfect by a long shot, but ok and at the very least private schools don´t go on strike every week.

It would cost less than 100 dollars a month per student in Honduras to pay for their private tuition.  How many students are there in the public school systems? What do we spend now? What would be the savings or extra costs?