Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two Million in Honduras Have No Access to Electricity

In Honduras only 69.1% of the population has access to electricty.  In the city the access is 94.4% while rural areas are only 44% access rate.  Some of the difficulties are that the rural communities are in very remote sections of Honduras.  Unlike in the US there are quite a few off grid areas in Honduras because of the distance from a city and the fact that they are in very mountainous areas.  Another difficulty is income level differences from people that live in urban areas and those who are in rural areas. 

In San Pedro Sula the access to electricity is almost 100%, but in Lempira it is just 26%.  This difference is astounding.  However, there is a solution to the lack of a power grid in these areas.  Alternative off grid sources.  These homes would likely never need more than perhaps the ability to run a few lightbulbs and a room fan at most.  It seems a solution wihtout overbudening the system is to use solar and wind energy in these areas instead of investing in burdening the grid even further.  This would also help the literacy rate as well as income rates for these areas and stimulate growth.  This also would assist Honduras out of the tailspin they seem to be in with the third world status. 

Living in the city makes Honduras seem almost as modern as the US in some ways, but when you go to areas like where we own our property in San Cristobal de Vallecito, Olancho where the electric access is 0% you realize just how vast the difference in modernization there is between one area and another.  We plan on putting in solar off grid power for the house there, but I have to wonder how having such access would help that community prosper.