Thursday, May 20, 2010

Start of Hurricane Season

Well in Honduras folks it is considered winter.  What that means really is hurricane season, because we don't really have a winter per se.  Today a storm moved in that was reminded me of flashfloods in Texas.

At about three this afternoon the sky started getting dark and well darker, I didn't pay much attention other than to think that maybe we would finally get some rain, but the sky has been fooling us for days...yeah who was I kidding..then the raindrops started pounding so I skitted home quickly and as I got there the clouds burst open and the rain started hammering down. I got inside and went to get on the computer, poof the lights went out, oh well I will sit here for a few minutes I thought and wait...about thirty minutes later they came back on and poof out they went again for about an hour...but before the hour was out, I had broom in hand chasing the water OUT of the house.  All of my neighbors were flooded and only I was only got to the door though thank goodness! So off I went with my broom to help my neighbors chase the water out of their houses and they were really flooded...oh boy...this is going to be a long hurricane season....tomorrow I will post some of the I sit here it is still raining just not as hard..I will have to make a mental note to never pray for rain again during hurricane season!