Wednesday, May 12, 2010

$2 million found Drug purchase suspected, Zelaya?

Three people were captured today in San Pedro Sula with $2 million in their posession. Our city for the past few months has been literally under siege with the violence that is encompassing it and today this capture which was so ironic. 

Many here have accused Zelaya of being involved in narcotics trafficking that comes straight from FARC and Chavez. Now today in this bust was a man by the name of Carlos David Padilla Rosales, of Catacamas, Olancho.  Now most Americans wouldn't see the significance of that...but Olanchanos do.  This man is family of Manuel Zelaya Rosales.  The Rosales'in Olancho are all related to Zelaya....and Zelaya's family on his mother's side. Dollars in Honduras and the US are tracked, hopefully they investigate this one to the very end.

If it doesn't mysteriously disappear that is 38 million lempiras that he state can use to recover economically.

After the bust the other day in that they discovered that Zelaya had been building a fully operational clandestine airport in Catacamas, Olancho in the former controversial base( where my husband was stationed from 1986 till 1992) in el Aguacate. This project had been ongoing since 2007 and is almost finished and was constructed in a clandestine fashion.  Why would a president do such a thing without the proper authority to do so unless the use for this airport was an illicit one? The Aeronautics division had to be involved and yet he never informed them or consulted them of the project nor did he get permission for the funds used from Congress.  Theft, misappropriation of funds, ursurpation of power anyone?  We have it in spades here...but one positive thing, they removed the first group of campesinos from Bajo Aguan and apparently there were no injuries or deaths as previously expected would hats off for this administration finally doing the right thing...not giving in to terrorists and thieves.

Updates for Worryworts

Ok I have received emails from some folks around that are worried because they haven't seen me and with the violence and things going on got worried.  I am alive everyone,  just apparently behind on my job. A few things have happened and on May 2 my dear neighbor and friend of 10 years passed away and it was very difficult, he suffered from liver cancer and he really suffered these past few months.  The actions of the hospital convinced me that the US would be making a fatal error if they embark on national health care.  We have it, my neighbor who had not been a drinker, but had been affected by Hep B years ago, bled to death, because they did not have an ability to do an endoscopy to discover if he could be fixed internally.  Later we found that would have been impossible as his hepatic vein ruptured, but knowing that would have made acceptance of what happened easier.  I really miss him, he was close to my father's age and gave fantastic advice and told stories that kept me on the edge of my seat with interest...RIP don Felipe.  He would have turned 62 on May 3 the day after he passed.

Threats have gotten to me as well.  I received a few of them, but I guess I am a glutton for punishment,  I won't back down.