Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update: An Arrest Has Been Made

An arrest has been made in the murder of Georgino.  A 21 year old taxi driver, Fredy Omar Ayala Dubon has been arrested based on evidence at the crime scene and he was in possession of the cell phone chip for Georgino´s phone.  The phone has not been found. 

Early reports say that the taxi driver drove the shooter to the scene, but it is too soon to know if Fredy Ayala was the driver or the murderer.

The FBI from the US and Spain as well as Colombia are assisting with the investigation as well as the investigations of the other murders of reporters this month.

Wanted For Murder of Georgino, 6th Reporter Murdered in a Month

In one month we have had six reporters murdered and the last one was murdered leaving his job.  however, there were witnesses and there is a 250,000 lempira reward for information leading to arrest of this person.

Georgino Orellana, was a wonderful person, ballet teacher, university professor, and a reporter.  The murder of this man was so senseless and has caused so much pain in the population.  Now that we need the human rights groups they are no where to be found, but after events in June 2009 they were all over the place and making judgement calls, but now that there are real violations going on...what did the UN do? Call for Honduras to invalidate the anti gang law...have they lost their minds?

If you have seen this person or know who this person is please contact the police at the 2st station in San Pedro Sula.

Facuseé Says No Deal on Bajo Aguan and I Don´t Blame Him

A few days ago the government announced that they had come to an agreement on Bajo Aguan with MUCA and the invaders to the properties there.  They forgot one little very important detail...discussing the agreement with the owner of the property,  Miguel Facuseé. 

MUCA wants the property that is to the right that borders with Toccoa, but Facuseé said that property is not for sale.  He will not allow that to be a part of the agreement because he does not want the invaders to border with his neigbhors for fear that they will also try to  invade his neighbors´ properties.  I don´t blame him I wouldn´t let that deal go either.  He also is a bit miffed that not one of them is facing charges for the murders of the security guards that have been killed, robberies that have happened in the area, and for the invasions themselves for ursurping land that is privately and legally owned.
Facuseé also pointed out that his workers in that area total 4,000 and they need to be consulted about whether they want new bosses or not, he has continued paying them even though they haven´t been able to work since December and this land will benefit just 3,000 members of MUCA, but at present employees 4,000.  This deal should ahve never happened.