Saturday, January 09, 2010

Obama,Kelly,Clinton and Bribery

A few days ago I was watching the news when it said that Craig Kelly had came to Honduras to discuss the situation and he had meetings with Zelaya, Micheletti and Lobo. 

When the meeting was over it came out that he brought with him an financial package in the millions of dollars range in exchange for resignation of Micheletti.  This in spite of the fact that the State department and Obama have both been informed that such an action would be illegal and that Michletti would not resign.  He again reminded them that it was illegal at this point for him to resign and that there is really no reason.

We are less than three weeks from the inauguration of Pepe Lobo as the next president.  How can they justifiy wanting Micheletti to resign at this point? What is the point? What was their plan? To assist Zelaya back into power where he could declare elections invalid and sit in power for the next four years?

Never mind that Obama flat out broke the law in the US as well.

The law in the US is clear in the Foreign Corrupt Practices act that you cannot offer money or other gain to a leader in exchange for him doing something that is illegal in his own country or the US.  The US came and did this anyway.  My question is when is the US going to investigate this act of corruption on behalf of the US government and find out who gave the authorization and who is it that is responsible for the bribery and CHARGE them with the crime.