Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fire the Teachers

Well the teachers are at it again...on strike.  This sounds like a broken record lately and I am so sick of the strikes.  I propose we actually do what was proposed by ANDI and actually close the schools.

Reagan fired all of the air traffic controllers when they went on strike and it worked I propose we either fire all of the teachers or we close all of the public schools here and make vouchers for those who cannot afford to pay for private school.  It would be cheaper than providing for these broken down schools and these ruffians that want to convince us they are teachers.  Paying tuition in Honduras isn´t that expensive and the education is ok..not perfect by a long shot, but ok and at the very least private schools don´t go on strike every week.

It would cost less than 100 dollars a month per student in Honduras to pay for their private tuition.  How many students are there in the public school systems? What do we spend now? What would be the savings or extra costs?


Jennifer said...

With 7 of my 10 kids in the Honduran public school system, all I can say is yes, lets fire the teachers.

Although having had my kids in private schools (in Honduras) as well, although they didnt strike, they werent teaching anything either. We had major issues with the private schools - so much so that I pulled them out and placed them in the public schools.


Laurie said...

That's a big extreme in my opinion. All the teachers? The Honduran political scene is so polarized right now. We need to find a middle ground where the needs of working class people and the needs of students are met. My first initial reaction was like yours. But...there's always two sides to every coin. The rioters and malcontents that I saw with my own eyes were not teachers. They were very young, with red scarves over their faces, exploiting the teacher's cause. Are the teachers victims of well of a system that rewards political heavyweights at their expense? How many of them would be at work if the gates of their school were not locked? How many were teaching anyway in some form or fashion?