Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Teachers, the Docente Law and Parents!

For the past five years teachers have been so incorrigible they are almost impossible to deal with.  Granted some teachers are in the classroom giving class.  I was impressed to see one of the schools in our neighborhood giving classes, but as usual for them they always do.  They were there during the time after Zelaya was removed and never missed a beat, to this moment even with the possible rewrite of the docente law they are still there educating children.  These are examples for what teachers should be.  The school is la Espinoza and deserve our applause at their dedication to the children.

On the other hand we have the children and secondary children that are losing their education due to teachers like the ones that are in the Resistance movement.  These teachers stay in the streets and have failed for the past five years to finish even one term of 200 days of classes.  They demand their pay even when not working, burn tires in the streets, and today hit parents that were protesting against striking teachers...the motive demanding that these terrorist teachers give classes.  I was shocked beyond comprehension that MEN who are teachers and have the nerve to call themselves professors, went over to the hunger striking parents that were pacific and hit them and tried to attack them.  The parents were WOMEN.  What kind of man hits a woman? Do these teachers think only they have the right to protest? Or do they believe in protecting everyone´s right to protest? 

I dare one teacher to explain to me why you deserve to have the Docente law in effect? Why do you deserve it when you do not educate the children of Honduras complying with the promise to protect the most vunerable citizens of all, children.  I want to see the law removed and for Pepe to find his ´huevos´and tell each and every one of you that if you are not in class by Monday morning that he will replace you period.  That each teacher that is not in their classroom will be removed and a replacement will be hired, even if they have to hire temporary teachers like the bachilleres that were hired during I believe the Maduro administration.  I bet that will wake you up to what your responsibility is.  I want him to tell you that you can have the Docente law back when you prove you deserve it by giving at least three years of dedication to our children, meaning you don´t miss a single day of class even if you have to give classes under a friggin tree.  Not one day or you go back to square one.

I am so tired of this nonsense and it is incredible for me that as serious as the situation is for Honduras that teachers have the gall to not teach children.  If they want to strike FINE, but do it AFTER CLASS!

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