Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pepe Lobo Declares State of Emergency Due to T.S. Agatha

At noon today all airports in Honduras were closed due to the storm and the lack of visibility in the country.  Last night the rains came down very hard though the rain has been light most of the day today we went without electric for about three hours this morning.  Clouds are again building and the temperatures are lower than normal.

Most of the damage done in the territory is in Tegucigalpa, Olancho and Southern Honduras, but San Pedro has it´s share of flooding as well. 

Classes have been suspended for the departments of Choluteca, Valle, Lempira, Santa Bárbara, Ocotepeque, Copán Francisco, Comayagua. En Francisco Morazán, Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Lima y Choloma and Progresso, Yoro.

So far in Guatemala and El Salvador there are 24 deaths registered due to the storm and Honduras has the remnents of the tropical storm over the national territory.

Most of the country is under either a green or yellow alert.  There have been mudslides, heavy rain over the past three days with a continous threat of rain still, the rivers are at maximum capacity.  Since the rains started there have been 4 deaths in Honduras. 

Weather reports are calling for 72 hours more of heavy rainfall in most of Honduras. 

In the capital in one neighborhood the ground opened and gave way destroying at least a dozen houses and leaving several without homes or anything they owned at 4:30 in the morning. 

A bridge has collapsed in the capital of Tegucigalpa and in the department of Olancho three bridges have collapsed.  There is surely more to come in reports and I will add that information here.  This first serious tropical storm brings a gloomy forsight to what the hurricane season may hold for Honduras this year.


Mark said...

SPS airport was open today. My daughter and her family flew home to Miami. On our drive back to Teguc, there was flooding in Comayagua. The south road from Teguc to Choluteca has been closed due to washouts. The Rio Grande in Tegucigalpa has overflowed it's banks and the flooding in Centro is like nothing I've seen since Hurricane Mitch.

holly said...

how are things over by Villanueva? I can't get in contact with my mother-in-law or any of the rest of the family and they live up in the mountains in that area? does any one know?

LaGringaSPS said...

Holly the only area in Villa Nueva that I heard had difficulty was in a residential neighborhood known as Real del Puente and that was because of fallen trees that took out lights. If they are up in the mountains it is likely they are doing fine. Ulua is full to the brim, but the sun is shiny today..thank goodness. Now tomorrow the Atlantic hurricane season starts...oh boy!

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