Sunday, May 16, 2010

Manuel Zelaya Running Around Like a Stuck Pig

Manuel Zelaya is back to traveling everywhere again trying to get support to make Pepe give him amnesty for his crimes. He is complaining that he should not only receive immunity from prosecution, but that he should also be allowed to hold a political position in Honduras and move politics including a Constitutional Assembly. 

Americans mostly do not understand what a Constitutional Assembly is, because they have never faced one in their lifetime.  It is a complete rewrite of the Constitution in which every guarantee is suspended for a period of two years and there are no elections.  During the time of Lopez Orellano when the Constitutional rewrite occurred here and a military coup in 1963 there were 3,000 deaths. A bit of irony is that Lopez Orellano died today from Prostate Cancer, but I will discuss his life and the politics surrounding him in another article later today, since I am depending on my father in law to give me vivid details since he lived the two coups that occurred then.

What is interesting is that Zelaya has traveled to Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc to try to get support for his plan of reconciliation.  What he has failed to understand is the entire world understands he is no longer president and that Pepe Lobo is the Constitutionally elected president of Honduras.  He also has failed miserably in understanding the laws of his own country.  In Honduras, due to abuse, several years ago all immunity for political leaders was suspended.  No political leader has any immunity from prosecution for common crimes they commit.  They can receive via Congressional decree immunity for political crimes, this has already occurred for Zelaya.  He insists that he is innocent, so if he is innocent why doesn´t he just come face the music as his ministers have done?

He claims that he will suffer persecution and not receive a fair trial, but to date only 1 is actually convicted and he is out while he appeals, the others are out on bail while they defend themselves of the charges they face.  So how is it that he is not going to receive fair treatment if all of his ministers have received fair treatment? What does he base this accusation on? Pepe is not affiliated with the former interim government and he was elected.  He has no reason to offer Zelaya anything other than a fair trial...he isn´t going to lose his presidential spot, there is nothing at stake here. If Zelaya wants to return he can at any time return, he must however face trial...just like any other citizen in Honduras that is accused of a crime. 

Zelaya is accustomed to being able to buy his way out of trouble.  Many wealthy citizens are able to attain this via ´mordidas´that they give to officials.  Normal citizens are not able to obtain this type of escape which is nothing but corruption anyway.  For once a rich man understands what it is like to be treated like a normal citizen and evidently he doesn´t like it.  His father killed a priest, nuns, and several environmental protesters in Olancho and was liberated of his crimes along with a powerful general in the military, he thought this would be the case with him too...but he was sadly mistaken.

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