Saturday, May 22, 2010

Honduran Horchata! The real stuff!

Ok most of you know my neighbor died May 2.  His first wife whom I never had the pleasure of meeting died some 20 years ago from cancer.  Their daughter gave me an invaluable recipe of her mother´s that is famous here out of gratitude to me for the love I have demonstrated to them..and I am going to share it here for all of you...the woman´s name was Joyce so I call it Joyce´s Honduran Horchata..

1/2 pound of ayote seeds, ayote is simply a type of pumpkin seed from the cushaw pumpkin...most Hispanic stores have them in the US.

1/2 pound morro seeds which can pretty much also be found in any Hispanic supermarket..

5 mini lempira bags of cinnamon sticks

2 mini lempira bags of all spice(pimienta gorda)

1 pound of miga rice(basically broken rice)

grated lime peel, ice, 1 to 2 kilos of sugar

You can also add peanuts to the mix if you like but she didn´t

Start to toast the ayote seeds till they are slightly crunchy and add the morro seeds to the mix and continue toasting till everything is toasted medium , break up the all spice and add it to the mix, continue toasting, place the rice in water and set for two hours then rinse well, if you are in the states you can add this to a grinder and grind with a small amount of water till it is thick and creamy or if in Honduras take to one of the mill grinders in your area that grind up the nixtamal for tamales or tortillas, tell them to pass it through twice, check it to see if it is grainy or smooth if it is still grainy ask them to pass it a third time..take mix home, add to 3 gallons of bottled water(in Honduras) add sugar to taste and mix...the add lime peel and mix again, crush ice well and add to the mix...serve up this perfect creamy tropical drink on a very hot day!


Nabil Ictech said...

De lujo!

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