Friday, May 14, 2010

Docente Law May be Unconstitutional!

The Docente is a controversial law that has protected teachers and unions when they go on strike from any recourse by judges, the government, etc to make them go back to class and teach.  It seems they use the docente law to strike for almost any reason even political and still be paid for not working. 

In the last six years the teachers have not completed their 200 days of class in even a single year.  The last year was so bad that the school year was basically cancelled and students were automatically promoted without adequate instruction to go to the next grade.  The reason for their strike was purely political.  They had been receiving their pay, the argument was not about their contract as their rights were being protected by the new government, it was simply about politics.

The teachers have once again decided to strike and once again make students pay the price.  Their reason this time is that the government has removed 10 department heads from their positions.  These department heads were removed for violations of their contract and even corruption they committed

I can only hope and pray that the Supreme court does throw out this law as an unconstitutional violation of children's guarantee of an education via the Constitution.  The largest guarantee that Honduras can have of sucess in the future is if they educate their children.  They can pave all of the streets in the world, build modern buildings, invest in fighting poverty, but if they don't guarantee and insist on the education of the children of Honduras there is no future in this country and the cycle of third world status will never end.
Teacher strike in 2009


Johnny said...

In general, I don't care for the courts writing law by judicial decree. I suppose if the political climate is right, maybe they can prod the congress and pres. to act on the issue by throwing the old law out.

Really, that is how it should be handled. It should be the elected officials making the law, not judges.

LaGringaSPS said...

I agree the law needs to go, I don´t particularly care how it goes, just that it does...any teacher should be fired for not doing their job. If we don´t do our jobs we don´t get paid and if we don´t show up we get fired...why should they be treated differently?

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