Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wanted For Murder of Georgino, 6th Reporter Murdered in a Month

In one month we have had six reporters murdered and the last one was murdered leaving his job.  however, there were witnesses and there is a 250,000 lempira reward for information leading to arrest of this person.

Georgino Orellana, was a wonderful person, ballet teacher, university professor, and a reporter.  The murder of this man was so senseless and has caused so much pain in the population.  Now that we need the human rights groups they are no where to be found, but after events in June 2009 they were all over the place and making judgement calls, but now that there are real violations going on...what did the UN do? Call for Honduras to invalidate the anti gang law...have they lost their minds?

If you have seen this person or know who this person is please contact the police at the 2st station in San Pedro Sula.

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La Gringa said...

I agree. All this condemning of human rights violations while at the same time they try to tie the hands of security forces to do anything about it and complain about everything they do. These human rights organizations have no concern for the rights of the average human and have shown themselves to be purely political organizations.