Monday, April 12, 2010

Update on Bajo Aguan Conflict

Today the military was dispatched to Bajo Aguan with a possible order to remove trespassers from the plantations that they invaded by force leaving thousands unemployed and leading to announcements by Standard Fruit of the closing of their plantations. 

It is imperitive that the government take control of the situation regarding invasions to protect investments in Honduras for exportation purposes and to protect the employment of thousands of Hondurans that depend on these companies every day.

The National Resistance Front that caused so much chaos after Zelaya was removed is now trying to sieze properties in Bajo Aguan and complaining about the possible removal of these invadors.  If they want property they can buy it just like the rest of us do.

They invaded the property of Miguel Facusse at first in May 2009 and then extended their invasion to over 4,000 hectacres of land that they are demanding be given to them FREE.  In fact, in reality their demand is for 14,000 hectacres of land free of charge. 

The government needs to act swiftly and NOT negotiate.  You do not negotiate with criminals and terrorists.  Each and every time someone´s property is invaded, whether it is government or private it needs to result in not only removal but incarceration of the individuals for violation of human rights and trespassing as well as violating a private property using terroristic actions.

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Johnny said...

This whole situation sums up what is wrong with many Latin American countries. As Marx noted, businessmen have to put capital up front. Because this is money at risk, if there is no prospect of a superior return, the investment never takes place. No investment leads to no industry and no jobs. Poverty then becomes assured because the great capitalist engine of production becomes unavailable to those societies that will not let the capitalist have his return.