Thursday, April 22, 2010

Facuseé Says No Deal on Bajo Aguan and I Don´t Blame Him

A few days ago the government announced that they had come to an agreement on Bajo Aguan with MUCA and the invaders to the properties there.  They forgot one little very important detail...discussing the agreement with the owner of the property,  Miguel Facuseé. 

MUCA wants the property that is to the right that borders with Toccoa, but Facuseé said that property is not for sale.  He will not allow that to be a part of the agreement because he does not want the invaders to border with his neigbhors for fear that they will also try to  invade his neighbors´ properties.  I don´t blame him I wouldn´t let that deal go either.  He also is a bit miffed that not one of them is facing charges for the murders of the security guards that have been killed, robberies that have happened in the area, and for the invasions themselves for ursurping land that is privately and legally owned.
Facuseé also pointed out that his workers in that area total 4,000 and they need to be consulted about whether they want new bosses or not, he has continued paying them even though they haven´t been able to work since December and this land will benefit just 3,000 members of MUCA, but at present employees 4,000.  This deal should ahve never happened.


Johnny said...

Following this event from afar, I was beginning to think that Honduras was a lawless place. You know, how can the president give away somebody else's property.

Now I am not so sure. Maybe Lobo is a hopeless appeaser. Than again, maybe he anticipated it would fall apart and just does not want to be seen as the cause.

One thing I do feel sure about is that the longer this goes on the better. The whole thing is such a crock that airing it in public will work against it. The more time and the more publicity the better.

LaGringaSPS said...

absolutely Johnny when it reaches boiling point there will be a finality to this nonsense and perhaps things will only go forward from there. I think that Lobo is working to hard to please everyone instead of doing what is needed to be done.

Patty said...

The military presence is blatant ans up-front. Traveling from Trujillo to Tocoa means being stopped every 5-10 miles by the National Police, backed up by the Army, and they are carrying assault rifles. We have had the car searched for weapons. Our nephew works for Sr. Facuseé, and has been been forced to hole up inside the plant because of the violence on several occasions. These people are being stirred up by the Resistance. They are so poorly educated that they cannot envision the long term effects of their actions. Pepe needs to be ashamed for backing down on enforcing the law.

Anonymous said...

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