Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update: An Arrest Has Been Made

An arrest has been made in the murder of Georgino.  A 21 year old taxi driver, Fredy Omar Ayala Dubon has been arrested based on evidence at the crime scene and he was in possession of the cell phone chip for Georgino´s phone.  The phone has not been found. 

Early reports say that the taxi driver drove the shooter to the scene, but it is too soon to know if Fredy Ayala was the driver or the murderer.

The FBI from the US and Spain as well as Colombia are assisting with the investigation as well as the investigations of the other murders of reporters this month.

Wanted For Murder of Georgino, 6th Reporter Murdered in a Month

In one month we have had six reporters murdered and the last one was murdered leaving his job.  however, there were witnesses and there is a 250,000 lempira reward for information leading to arrest of this person.

Georgino Orellana, was a wonderful person, ballet teacher, university professor, and a reporter.  The murder of this man was so senseless and has caused so much pain in the population.  Now that we need the human rights groups they are no where to be found, but after events in June 2009 they were all over the place and making judgement calls, but now that there are real violations going on...what did the UN do? Call for Honduras to invalidate the anti gang law...have they lost their minds?

If you have seen this person or know who this person is please contact the police at the 2st station in San Pedro Sula.

Facuseé Says No Deal on Bajo Aguan and I Don´t Blame Him

A few days ago the government announced that they had come to an agreement on Bajo Aguan with MUCA and the invaders to the properties there.  They forgot one little very important detail...discussing the agreement with the owner of the property,  Miguel Facuseé. 

MUCA wants the property that is to the right that borders with Toccoa, but Facuseé said that property is not for sale.  He will not allow that to be a part of the agreement because he does not want the invaders to border with his neigbhors for fear that they will also try to  invade his neighbors´ properties.  I don´t blame him I wouldn´t let that deal go either.  He also is a bit miffed that not one of them is facing charges for the murders of the security guards that have been killed, robberies that have happened in the area, and for the invasions themselves for ursurping land that is privately and legally owned.
Facuseé also pointed out that his workers in that area total 4,000 and they need to be consulted about whether they want new bosses or not, he has continued paying them even though they haven´t been able to work since December and this land will benefit just 3,000 members of MUCA, but at present employees 4,000.  This deal should ahve never happened.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Update on Bajo Aguan Conflict

Today the military was dispatched to Bajo Aguan with a possible order to remove trespassers from the plantations that they invaded by force leaving thousands unemployed and leading to announcements by Standard Fruit of the closing of their plantations. 

It is imperitive that the government take control of the situation regarding invasions to protect investments in Honduras for exportation purposes and to protect the employment of thousands of Hondurans that depend on these companies every day.

The National Resistance Front that caused so much chaos after Zelaya was removed is now trying to sieze properties in Bajo Aguan and complaining about the possible removal of these invadors.  If they want property they can buy it just like the rest of us do.

They invaded the property of Miguel Facusse at first in May 2009 and then extended their invasion to over 4,000 hectacres of land that they are demanding be given to them FREE.  In fact, in reality their demand is for 14,000 hectacres of land free of charge. 

The government needs to act swiftly and NOT negotiate.  You do not negotiate with criminals and terrorists.  Each and every time someone´s property is invaded, whether it is government or private it needs to result in not only removal but incarceration of the individuals for violation of human rights and trespassing as well as violating a private property using terroristic actions.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Conflict in Bajo Aguan, Colon

The ongoing conflict in Bajo Aguan has been complicated.  I had not completely understood what was going on there and wanted to refrain from writing about it on my blog until I understood the situation a little better and what was behind it.  The inequality between rich and poor sometimes is more than apparent so I wanted to give both sides the benefit of the doubt before making judgement or opinions.

Some of what I have read has suggested that the area of Bajo Aguan is a very high conflict area and has been for quite a few years.  Landowners and sharecroppers are at each other's necks and have been for years.

Over the past few months share croppers have decided to invade private owned lands that are production areas for African palm oil.  Their reason is that they think that the land should belong to them instead of to the owners.  This in spite of the fact that over three thousand Hondurans depend on employment at these production sites. 

In the latest conflict six deaths have occurred.  The share croppers are demanding over 20,000 hectacres of land be GIVEN to them free of charge. 

The private owners of this land are Miguel Facusse and two other owners.  This land was bought by Facusse and the other business owners in the 90's from this same group of share croppers.  The land had already been ceded to them by the government once, free of charge...and three years later they SOLD it to him.

Pepe Lobo has offered the sharecroppers that he will give them 6,000 hectacres to be divided up among 3000 sharecroppers which adds up to 2 hectacres per sharecropper for nice the government give someone something for being a violent terrorist...yet these people have the nerve to reject the offer and still insist on their way....

My opinion is they sold the land for the price they one forced them to sell.  When they sold they have no right to go back and complain about the sell and demand the property back, especially after the property has been heavily invested into by the owner.

If you invade someone's house you are a criminal and a burgler...why should the owner of the house be forced to give you his house just because you decide it is unfair he has a house and you do not.  A person does not get something by stealing should work for it.  I understand they are poor and the government should extend to them low interest loans to buy property that is low cost and in control of the state.  That should never be permission to accept invasions to private land though regardless of how much land the person owns.

The government is not going to avoid conflict by giving in.  What they will have to do to put a stop to these types of armed conflicts is when someone invades someone's property send the military or the police and arrest them...put them in jail like the criminals they are.  You do not negotiate with terrorists, you do not negotiate with burglers you put them in jail. 

These types of things do not happen in the first world because the first world would never put up with a thief or burgler invading someone's private home and saying that they demand it be given to them.  The burgler would be arrested by the police and prosecuted in a court for the theft.

Pepe should call their bluff on this one and send in the military.  I do not believe he has the guts to do it, but if he did I would think it perfectly acceptable....after all these 'campesinos' already sold the property and a few of them aren't old enough to actually be making any claims to this property.  One of the invaders was only 22 years was he old enough to make claim in the 90's....I highly doubt he even knows the first thing about farming or caring for property.  In order to take claim they should have to reimburse the government for the cost of the land and they should have to submit documentation that they are a agricultural engineer...if not no don't give land that is agricultural to someone who hasn't the foggiest notion how to run that land and you don't give it to them for free.  I suspect in another 5 years they will be selling their land again and we will be facing another day the government will wake up and get tired of this game.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Fruit Punch Honduran Style

I tried this recipe the other day to make fruit was!

Apples sliced in thin slices
sugar cane cut up in long strips, raisins, dried plums*prunes*, chamomile, guayaba cut up, pineapple sliced, ripe plantain*just a little* sliced thin, tamarind, cinnamon sticks, jamaica flowers and about two cups of natural sugar as well as 3 to 4 liters of water, bring to boil and then let simmer for 30 minutes or more till the water is heavy and rich with can serve either hot or cold..if fresh fruits aren't available use dry fruits...the chamomile should be either steamed in a strainer or a tea bag and removed...I loved it...