Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Deserved Hat´s Off to Our Mayor Juan Carlos Zúñiga

Our mayor has had guts that most other administrations have not had.  He is doing a fabulous job with what he has to work with.  Our city is bankrupt or actually worse than bankrupt...but when he went in he cut the payroll from 5,000 to 2,500 and that might make a bunch of people mad, but how do you continue with a bankrupt government and no way to make payroll? You lay off the folks you do not need.

There was some controversy that went his way that wasn´t deserved.  He was accused of favoring family for the printing of the toll booth tickets contract, which is illegal...but they aren´t family.  He already submitted to the court without a court date...he appeared at 8 am sharp with documents in hand to show he had nothing to do with who was awarded the contract and that he is not related to the people who won the contract even though they have the same last name.  He submitted birth certificates and made clear that he was running a transparent government.  He also invited USAID to review all of the procedures undertaken in his administration to show that it is a clean transparent one.

You would think that this would make people happy with the Dr Zúñiga (for those who read my blog and do not know him he is a cardiac surgeon and former director of Catarino Rivas Hospital and was fired by Zelaya for not supporting his reform project.  However, apparently some people are less than happy as he just placed a formal complaint for receiving death threats.

Rixi Moncada Still Believes She is A High Government Official

In Rixi Mocada´s court hearing she presented a half baked argument that her judicial proceeding cannot be heard in a reglar judicial court, because she is the CEO of the ENEE...um Rixi, News flash! You stopped being the CEO of ENEE on June 28,2009 and there was an election in November and a new president inaugurated and a new ENEE official named after January 27, 2010 you are not any official...you are unemployed chicky and the same justice the peons get you will get...not good enough? Too friggin BAD!

There can be one of two things wrong either this woman is that mentally ill that she really believes she is the CEO still or she is just pretending so that she can see how much she gets away with.  Whatever it is I hope she spends a long time in prison.