Friday, February 05, 2010

Dominicans Disgusted With Zelaya

Looks like President Fernandez of the DR really screwed up with this one...he agreed to let Zelaya stay in his country for awhile till he figured out what he wanted to do.  The people there are up in arms wondering who is paying for Zelaya´s house and stay there.  I wonder that myself. 

Then yesterday he started running his mouth about Honduras and how the international community should reject the government and punish us .  Zelaya what precisely for? For removing your corrupt butt from office? For electing a new president in the most voted elections in history...ones that weren´t corrupt like your election was...what a monumental mistake that was made with your election..we should have thrown you out on your ear 4 years ago.  When are you going to get aren´t the president in don´t call the shots.  Lobo doesn´t answer to you, he answers to the people of aren´t here so keep your mouth shut and do everyone a favor and stop embarrassing your family, yourself and the people of Honduras as well as the people of the Dominican Republic.