Monday, January 25, 2010

Breaking News: Chavez´ Vice President Just Resigned!!!

He is saying for personal reasons and Chavez accepted his resignation..I think the fallout has begun and Chavez is about to be couped by the public instead of the military...Ramon Carrizalez was also the defense minister..uh oh!

Chavez Defeated By the Little Mouse That Roared

Chavez has been driving the US nuts for quite a few years now and with his oil he beat his chest obnoxiously much to the dislike of many Americans and others who had lost a taste for him. In June, Hondurans stood up to one of his buddies, Zelaya and he has been hiding like a coward in the Brazilian embassy since causing much grief for the Brazilian president Lula de Silva.

Chavez threatened Micheletti with an invasion and Micheletti said ´bring it on... I have 7 million Hondurans eagerly waiting for you to arrive Chavez backed down and complained that it was a US backed coup. He was wrong. It wasn’t a coup at all or well yeah it was. It was a coup against ALBA and his idiocy. We couped Chavez from afar...and without touching him.

Since he messed with us his world has crashed down. He is facing 60% inflation, had to devalue his money, and cannot figure out how to get his drug trafficking through Honduras...since June 28 Honduras has been nicknamed things like the little country that could..the Mouse that Roared...etc.

We stood up for our democratic form of government and the constitution and threw out a certain dictator that loved Chavez to boot..And dared Chavez to set foot here...he didn’t dare.

Now he threatened economic chaos on Honduras that he almost succeeded at but the private sector came together to defend the country economically to prevent fall out...and they held strong. Now the table has been turned and he is the one fighting off economic chaos, his electric company is crashing...70% of Venezuela is about to lose power, and 60% inflation. And money worth nothing...well he is about to be ripped limb from limb by Venezuelans. The US just has to sit back and watch the the process all of Latin America has taken a sharp turn right. So apparently what is happening here also infected Massachusetts with Brown’s victory. The voters are fed up folks. You better listen.

Chile swung right for the first time since Pinochet was removed from office. Brazil has lost its left lean as Silva is trying to recover his image for sympathizing with one of the worst dictators in the region, Hugo Chavez. ALBA has come crashing down and with it the dream of a monetary unit that would outweigh the US dollar and collapse the US economy. Had Honduras bowed to Chavez the outcome could have been a fall out that no one could have stopped instead he is reeling and most likely screeches like a mad man if anyone utters the word ´Honduras´.

A word of advice to evil socialist dictators…no hay más macho que el pueblo Catracho!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh I Love It...Fireworks Start

Pepe said in response to Oscar Arias calling him weak and unable to get Micheletti to resign...

Poor thing, if he doesn´t recongnize me I am not worried about him.  What matters to me is my country and what my people want.  That is why we have a Plan for the Nation. 

It gets better folks

Roberto Micheletti also responded to him...I about fell out of my chair...the air is getting tight...

He said to Oscar Arias´latest tirade ´I think, with all due respect, that Oscar Arias needs psychological help.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Generosity in Honduras Never Fails to Amaze Me

Today donations were gathered in the Central Park in San Pedro Sula for the firemen to take to Haiti.  They commented on the international aid that Honduras received in 1998 when we were hit by hurricane Mitch and said that it is time to pay forward.

A private charter has been scheduled by the Rotary Club of Tocoa, Colon, Honduras.  The telephone companies Digicel and Tigo have been collecting donations via text messages and have said that 100% of the donations will go to those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. 

This tiny country that has suffered economically in the past few months and is very poor has donated the little they have to help those who are in a more serious situation than our own.  I think that God will smile down on Honduras and rain many blessings on her.

12 Days

In just 12 days the new president Pepe Lobo will be inaugurated to office.  A new page will be turned in the history of Honduras and perhaps we can put the crisis behind us. 

Micheletti has been an excellent president.  He has been named an honorable lifetime Congressman.  He has been named as the vice president of Liberal International.  People here consider him a hero by and large on both sides of the fence.

I really wish he had been the president for a full four years and not just the short six months that we have had him as president.  He could have really lead Honduras on the right path and cleaned up a lot of the corruption.  Honduras needs more than anything for clear attention to be paid to the corrupt aspects of government from the police officer that takes a bribe to ignore a ticket or expired registration to the president who takes payments to ignore or facilitate drug trafficking or corrupt deals to go through.

Just six months ago this country was teetering on the edge of turning into a dictatorship and losing all the freedoms that had been a struggle to obtain.  Since 1982 Honduras had come a long way and grown in their passion to protect the form of government that we have.  I was terrified of what the future held.  I worried every instant on which country might invade after the first days of the removal of Zelaya since so many had condemned us without knowing all the details of what exactly occurred and what we had dealt with for three years prior to his removal.

In the end we rid ourselves of Zelaya.  He is hiding like the snake that he is in the Brazilian embassy terrified to come out and face the music on his criminal charges.  All the while the charges that the Military command is facing they have showed up in court and shown honor to their uniform and admitted that they removed him from the country which is technically illegal, but explained that they were avoiding a certain bloodbath in Honduras if he were left in the country. I believe that Zelaya has ordered people close to those that oppose him killed.  Micheletti´s nephew and a friend of his was murdered, reporters children have been kidnapped or murdered including a pregnant daughter of the reporter for channel 8 the state ran newsstation.  A congresslady´s husband was kidnapped and later released after awhile in captivity.  It saddens me to think that a former leader looks at life so cheaply and is so egocentric that his position in the presidency is more important than the citizens or lives of individuals.  He does not love the country of Honduras he is only capable of loving himself.

When I look around at my friends, neighbors, and family I feel great passion for the way they have defended themselves against tyranny and can only pray and hope that citizens of the US would unite and act in the same fashion against certain loss of their constitution and freedom.  I have been inspired by this tiny country that has taught me a great lesson in humility and pride.  I am humbled by the great ability they have to demand change.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Obama,Kelly,Clinton and Bribery

A few days ago I was watching the news when it said that Craig Kelly had came to Honduras to discuss the situation and he had meetings with Zelaya, Micheletti and Lobo. 

When the meeting was over it came out that he brought with him an financial package in the millions of dollars range in exchange for resignation of Micheletti.  This in spite of the fact that the State department and Obama have both been informed that such an action would be illegal and that Michletti would not resign.  He again reminded them that it was illegal at this point for him to resign and that there is really no reason.

We are less than three weeks from the inauguration of Pepe Lobo as the next president.  How can they justifiy wanting Micheletti to resign at this point? What is the point? What was their plan? To assist Zelaya back into power where he could declare elections invalid and sit in power for the next four years?

Never mind that Obama flat out broke the law in the US as well.

The law in the US is clear in the Foreign Corrupt Practices act that you cannot offer money or other gain to a leader in exchange for him doing something that is illegal in his own country or the US.  The US came and did this anyway.  My question is when is the US going to investigate this act of corruption on behalf of the US government and find out who gave the authorization and who is it that is responsible for the bribery and CHARGE them with the crime. 

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I Apologize For My Absence

I have been ill and it makes it a bit difficult to come in and post very much.
I wanted everyone to know that it isn´t serious it is just taking me longer to get over this crud than normal and the cold weather isn´t helping any.

Give me a few days and I will be back to my old self.