Friday, December 18, 2009

Extreme Injustice

I of course mostly speak about Honduras on this blog.  I try to limit myself to that...but every once in awhile something happens that is so shocking that there is no  way I cannot do anything but address it.  Especially when it refers to the way Hispanics are treated in the US. How many Hondurans, Mexicans, our friends or family, have been treated badly for being the wrong color and for no other reason.

The other day a sleepy coal town named Shenandoah, PA was once again turned upside down.  This town has lived in turmoil since July 2008 when six teenage football players kicked Luis Ramirez to death.  Luis Ramirez, 25 was from Mexico and had been in the US since he was 18 illegally. He had two children, a boy and a girl, Eduardo and Kiara and intended to marry their mother, Crystal, 24. 

However, justice was not served.  The boys involved covered up, lied, and the police helped them. The boys faced a slap on the wrist for their crime instead of murder...they got simple assault...this man is dead and they got simple assault? Something is seriously wrong with this picture.  The Justice Department started an investigation and if it were not for this investigation and murder the corruption secrets of this tiny town might never have been found out.

In 2006, there was another Hispanic man beat to death in this town...but that time it was a Puerto Rican and he was beaten to death in a jail cell by the cops...they then tried to cover it up and make it look like a suicide.  His family was smart enough to get a second autopsy that shows his death was not from any hanging but from being beaten to death.  A suit is in progress for wrongful death against these scum bag cops.  Why was there no investigation?

David Murphy, a black man,  was also arrested by these thugs and he was beaten and denied his blood thinning medication and he had a heart attack and lay on a prison cell floor where no one could hear him..he spent four days in the hospital.  The police told him if he said a word or tried to sue that he would end up like that Mexican who hung himself if he sued them or told anyone. 

Here is how they investigate in this town of Shenandoah, PA

Minutes after the last kick and punch were thrown in a fatal beating in a public park in Shenandoah on a summer night in 2008, the cover-up began, federal prosecutors say.

Instead of investigating the vicious beating of Luis Ramirez, police officers of the small borough helped the young men conceal evidence and concoct a less-damaging version of what happened that night, advising the young football players that they "needed to get their stories straight" because the man they had just beaten might die, according to an indictment

In the following weeks, Lt. Moyer called one of the parents of the men involved in the beating, advising them to "dispose of the sneakers he wore during the assault" on Mr. Ramirez, the indictment states.
I am utterly disgusted that this is happening in my home country.  In the US I had always had the illusion when I was younger that our justice was served honestly and that our cops were straightforward and honest...that world came crashing down the night that Kathrine Johnston was killed in Atlanta, Georgia by Narcotics police who had a bogus warrant and planted drugs in her home.  This caused an outcry in the community that an investigation was launched and something so sick was uncovered that it left everyone wondering if those idiots had put more innocent people in prison.  It was revolting. In the end, justice was served, but this woman cannot be brought back to life nor can Luis Ramirez, David Vega, or any of the other people that suffer from police brutality, racism, and corruption.
I find it hard to complain about 3rd world police corruption when I am smacked with corruption so vile in my own country that it makes the Honduran cops look like saints.