Thursday, November 26, 2009

Spinning the News on Honduras

International media has outdone themselves since June 28 to spin the news in Honduras to the point that it is almost ridiculous and sometimes outright false...

Here is one more example of media spin from an article written today..

False Claim #1 The only leftist in the presidential contest, Carlos Reyes, withdrew from the race, while the anti-coup Resistance Front said it is already too late to ensure a free and fair ballot.

This is absolutely false...Cesar Ham is from the Unification Democratica and he is a leftist to the extreme...Of course Carlos H Reyes was the only Communist which is perhaps what they should have written...

PINU candidate Bernard Martinez is also from a party that is center left...

Liberal Party Candidate is Elvin Santos...Mel Zelaya was a Liberal party member...

In fact the only real right candidate is DC candidate Felicito Avila

The Nationalist party is Center right and that candidate is Pepe Lobo.

The two main parties both have candidates running for presidency and one of the mayors of Tocoa, Colon who had been in the ´resistance´ got on his knees and begged for forgiveness for his errors and joined Elvin Santos in encouraging people to vote.

False Claim #2 Many of those protests have been broken up violently by soldiers and police on the orders of the coup regime, with a toll of a dozen deaths and hundreds injured and arrested. While the leader of the de facto regime, Roberto Micheletti, resorted at one point to a state of siege and has forced anti-coup media outlets off the air for weeks at a time.

Most of these protests have been violent and the soldiers have done an extraordinary job of keeping thier cool.  There have not been a dozen deaths either.  He actually also resorted to a curfew because of the looting of private homes and businesses and attacks on private citizens..which clearly warranted the situation of a curfew.  The media outlets that were forced off air would not have been on the air in the US in the first place...they were calling for violence and for blood to flow in the streets and one of the announcers is an anti semite who calls Hitler a hero that should have finished the job...and to make it worse he raped his ten year old daughter, went to prison on a ten year sentence and was pardoned by ZELAYA.

False Claim #3 But while the coup plotters accuse Zelaya of seeking to extend his stay in office, any potential constitutional change to allow presidential re-election would not have taken place until well after the incumbent stepped down in January.

Coup plotters...your bias is clear.. Zelaya was attempting to extend his stay and he said so himself on live television.  Also, the attempt to make constitutional changes was not for him to do that was unconstitutional and the Supreme Court said so...what part of that can you folks not understand?