Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stupidity Abounds in the Resistance Thugs and The Boycott

The supposed grandmother of their group claims that the constitution needs to be written again because it is ancient and the documents are outdated.  She claims, ´No one follows it anymore anyway because it is so old.´  They have ancient articles that cannot be rewritten.  Does this woman know what those articles are beyond the presidential term limits? I wonder if she thinks that Honduran borders should be a debatable subject or for sale?  I wonder does  think a president should be able to change the form of government? Should he be able to give precious resources away to other countries like Chavez? That is what the stone articles entail....protecting sovereign rights.

This ridiculous claim left me speechless. 

The US Constitution...a document I consider indeed ancient and I dare say someone would get the snot kicked out of them in the US fo saying such mockery.  The US Constitution was ratified June 21, 1788.  The Honduran Constitution January 11, 1982.  So this elderly woman who is three times as old as the constitution thinks the document is ancient.  For crying out loud it is 27 years old...that is not ancient...I was born in 1971 and I for sure do not think I am ancient..if someone said the things she said about the US constitution I would slap them silly.

What leaves me even more dumbfounded is they have bought this crap about boycotting the election...they are convinced that the vote is rigged and that no one should vote anyway.  If you do not vote you lose your voice.  How ridiculous can a person be to try to prevent people from voting? Isn´t will of the people what should be heard? They have choices...but they seem to want to take their choice away.  These same folks will be crying about how they aren´t represented in a year...and I will be the first to say it is your own cotton picken fault. 

This same grandmother even flat out lied when she claimed that it wasn´t them stealing, looting and throwing rocks or spray painting was the military she claims...interesting that there is photographic evidence that proves she is a dirty liar.
Now I was always taught to respect my elders so it bothers me some to say that about an elderly woman...but to blatantly also needs to be pointed out....

What is even worse is that Zelaya and the Resistence are not content with just boycotting peacefully and not voting themselves...they want to force others to not vote against their will.  They have elaborated violent measures such as ´miguelitos´to prevent the vehicles from being able to transport the urns or ballots.  They have elaborated bombs like those found in a car last night close to colonia Satelite.
So they are not content to allow others to participate because they are crying over not getting their way.  So instead of accepting what happens they intend to throw a temper tantrum that includes harming other Hondurans. 

Racism is another issue along with an envy complex among the Resistence.  They are angry that others have more money than they do.  They are complaining about Jews, Turks, and Americans...yet when they go to the US they are the first to scream racism because they are Hispanic.  Interesting.