Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nine Days Till Elections...The Road Ahead

We are exactly nine days from the elections and Honduras has come a long way.  The president who wins the elections will clearly have a long road to travel.  He will have a harder job than those that came before him.  He will have to actually work to clean up the corrpution, deal with the crime that is overwhelming in areas like San Pedro Sula, deal with the explosion of narcotics trafficking that has almost overtaken the country since  Zelaya became president.  He will have to deal with the international community looking at his every move in order to discredit him.  He will have a small section  of the population that will consider him illegitimate.

The president that takes charge will have a bankrupt government that will have to make hard decisions and have to lobby hard the loans and aid to rebuild from bankruptcy.  The government will also have to present equal justice to the poor and the wealthy and do something about education.  Teachers are already lobbying for their raise. 

Teachers lobbying for a raise makes my blood boil.  What precisely have they done to deserve a raise? They spent the entire school year in the streets on strike or loafing.  They need their pay cut and all raises structured around the results they give as a teacher.  The first step is rewriting their docente law so that they do not use it to abuse their position and hold the public hostage.   The government should be required to pay them on time and they should be forbidden from strikes except outside of school hours.  If they do not like those terms they are welcome to find a job in the private sector.

More to come...