Saturday, November 07, 2009

US Change of Heart on Honduras

After all of the conflicting statements on Honduras over the past months I am almost afraid to post this here in fear of jinxing things...but I am going to cross fingers, toes, legs and arms while I post so that it does not go poof.

Hugo Llorens announced that the right to vote is an inalienable right and that Hondurans should vote and have their vote recognized.

Llorens ´the right of Hondurans to vote for new authorities is unviolatable´

´Elections are going to occur on November 29 and this is going to be a physical act, a reality and what is clear is that the Hondurans have an inalienable right to elect their leaders, to elect a new president, a new Congress and mayors.´

Is this a sign of resignation that the elections are going to happen whether the international community recognizes them or not? Or did Hugo Llorens finally find his faculties and realize that Hondurans are the only ones who have the right to say what they want about the elections.  If they don´t want them they won´t show up to vote.  If they want them they will show up to vote.  I cannot imagine anyone trying to block elections in a country that has been the wildest thing about this whole process.  The threat by the international community to NOT recognize a vote that was scheduled long ago and to NOT recognize the right of the community to pick their leaders without interference from outside.  That has to be the largest human rights violation of all.  While the international community is busy pointing fingers about terrorists and vandals being detained or swatted with batons they are also busy violating the rights of the people of Honduras to CHOOSE for themselves who they want to lead their country.
Insisting on the restitution of Zelaya has to be the worst proposal of all.  Instead of insisting on anything they should have asked us first whether we wanted to restore him or not.  Instead they worried more about Zelaya than they did about the entire country.

´Llorens was clear that he sees the elections as a democratic path to resolve the crisis that has a hold on Honduras.  You cannot deny the right to vote because that would be an error of huge proportions, ´ expressed Llorens.

Either Llorens is admitting they lost in their attempt to strong arm Hondurans into submission, he bumped his head or he is terrified of the proposed investigation into his activities by Jim DeMint...any guesses on what made him change his mind?

He went further to say that he insists that both sides return to the dialogue table in order to conform the unity government and to be direct and work truthfully to conform this government as quickly as possible.

I am confused.  Is anyone else confused? The government has insisted for four months that they were not going to recognize elections.  DeMint hangs candy in front of them with the release of their two diplomats to service and asks the GAO for an investigation into the actions of the State Department and Hugo Llorens from January 1 of this year all the way to October 26.  Suddenly Shannon appeared in Honduras on a mission and in one day accomplished this mission.  Most of us were really pessimistic when he showed up knocking on the door.  We were grumbling we are NOT returning Zelaya to the presidency...and that evening at 11:20 he emerges with an agreement that has been signed by the Micheletti team and by the Zelaya team and in that agreement they leave it up to Congress to decide.  I doubt any of us closed our dropped mouths for the rest of the night.  I was in a daze asking what the heck happened and how did he do that? Doubts flooded our minds and the next day Zelaya whines that he was strong armed into the signing by Shannon and said he had threatened his son with jail. 

Meet Hector Zelaya folks...this is who is staying in the alledged drug trafficker...his father´s own words were that they threatened to throw his son in jail for trafficking drugs...and in the US you don´t do that unless there is evidence....

If this guy does not look like mafia and drugs from far away I do not know what does...he does not live in Honduras...he lives in the US...Telemundo reported in July that Junior traveled on an exclusive trip with Joaquin Chapo Guzman a leader of a Mexican cartel.  DEA wake up and get busy...

The Grapevine in Honduras also said he was involved in one of the planes that were caught where a Guatemalan was killed.  I never got the direct story on that one, but the grapevine works that way in get bits and pieces and have to put the rest together for yourself.

Human rights groups like Amnesty International have made me want to puke on how wrong they have gotten their accusations.  I used to respect these organizations and always assumed that they investigated accusations completely before they considered them factual...boy was I wrong.  In fact, in their reports they never mention the violations that can easily be proven by the Zelayistas, directly attributed to Zelaya, nor do they mention the violation of children´s rights to education by the teachers and the teacher´s union.  In fact, the children of Honduras have been denied their rights for over 5 years since not one time in those 5 years have the teachers went all year without going on strike.  Not one time have they completed the 200 days required for classes.  This year the violations were so obscene that they had to automatically promote all the students and end the year on October 31 considering it a lost cause.  Many parents are livid.  Teachers went to the extreme of chaining huge attack dogs to the schools to keep the students and parents out of the school as seen in this picture below.

Then you have attacks by Zelayistas perpetrated by Zelaya and his calls to insurrection against average citizens, private businesses, streets, monuments and private homes. As seen in these pictures below.

Attack on Vida Abundante an Evangelical Church in Tegucigalpa.  Children were attacked by Zelayistas in the bus below.  They were small children as young as 6 years old. These are the things that Amnesty International does not tell you or report as violations of human rights and they are the very things they need to be reporting so how ´bout it AI correct your reports, investigate the complaints completely and then place a balanced report that puts fault where it belongs.

Telesur, CNN, Reuters and AP all launched a media nightmare in which they completely ignored the facts and reported sometimes blatant lies.  They reported that Zelaya was popular and that tens of thosands were in the streets fighting for his return then they showed these pictures as their proof.

Then they were embarrassed into admitting half way that these marches were celebrations of the removal of Zelaya and not pro Zelaya marches.  They did not want to admit these tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands in the streets were celebrating not protesting..they didn´t admit it until Hondurans crashed their email servers with emails correcting them and Hondurans started calling CNN Chavez News Network. 
They would continue for months to hide these realities that I never saw once in their news sources.

The pictures above are Zelayistas or members of the Resistance do they look like a majority to you? Do you really think that the majority of Hondurans behave this way? Is that how Honduras managed to not mire itself into a civil war in the 80´s when El Salvador and Nicaraguans were killing each other by the thousands? No, it isn´t how Hondurans act...Hondurans believe in obeying the law, but their hands have been tied for too long and they have had no way to fight corrupt officials but the military, Congress and a once very unpopular figure President Roberto Micheletti BaĆ­n gave them that hope back and they appeared in celebration like the pictures below

A little banana republic known as Honduras who gained that name by being pushed around by the US and for US and world interference in their politics was finally fed up and this time did not back down.  They stood up to the entire world a tiny nation as small as South Carolina in the US said no more and won a battle of wits against the entire world and got to hold onto their right to not have the international community mess in their internal affairs.  It will be a long time before the world forgets this battle and we hope that we are an example to other tiny nations that you can stand up to bullies and fact the OAS said this could not stand because it would start to happen in other countries...and Hondurans said...we sure hope so...Good night folks and I agree with Micheletti VIVA HONDURAS!!!