Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ian Kelly Tap dancing for the Department of State...

QUESTION: On Honduras?

MR. KELLY: On Honduras. Yeah.

QUESTION: Mr. Zelaya sent Secretary Clinton a letter asking whether there’s been any change in the U.S. position regarding his restoration prior to elections at the end of November. Has there been a response and has there been a change in the policy? Mr. Lagos, the co-chairman of the verification commission said when he arrived in Tegucigalpa that he has to be restored. So the question is: Must that be a condition for the elections to go ahead and be recognized as legitimate?

Of course there has been a change in policy did you guys not read the agreement? Who said he has to be restored? I did not hear Lagos say that did anyone else? Zelaya said that, but I do not believe Lagos said he had to be restored and if he did he needs to be sent home to think about what the agreement says.

No dummy that is not a condition did you not hear what Thomas Shannon said?

MR. KELLY: Well, I think about the letter to Secretary Clinton, I understand that he did send a letter asking for the Secretary to clarify the U.S. position regarding the coup. And our position has been very clear from the very beginning that we did consider what happened in June in Honduras to be a coup. We’ve made our position on President Zelaya and his restitution clear. This is a – we believe he should be restored to power. This is now a Honduran process that was started by the agreement over the weekend.

Ha! This is Kelly´ s way of saying we put this in Honduras´ corner and do not want to deal with it anymore. We are embarrassed the little bitty banana country beat our butts and we´d rather forget it...

Our focus now is on implementing this process and creating an environment wherein the Hondurans themselves can address the issue of restitution and resolve for themselves this Honduran problem. We are committed to the agreement. We’re committed to its implementation. We’ll continue to assist and support the implementation process, but it’s up to the Hondurans to actually carry through.

This is the part Radio Globo does not play for the pro Zelaya club….

I think you’ve heard that U.S. officials have arrived in Tegucigalpa. It’s – we have a member on the verification commission. They arrived yesterday. Our representative is Labor Secretary Solis. They held a formal installation ceremony yesterday, and the commission has been meeting with leaders from various sectors of Honduras to discuss the implementation of the accord.


QUESTION: But my question is whether the U.S. interpretation of the agreement is that Mr. Zelaya must be restored to office prior to holding the elections.

Ok, I am listening….

MR. KELLY: I’m sorry. I’d just like to really emphasize this is – we’ve now – I mean, we were happy that we played a role in mediating this, mediating this dialogue between the two sides. This is now a Honduran process. We will continue to play a supportive and facilitative role, but it’s not for us to interpret the agreement. We want to help the process along, but this is going to be a Honduran process. The next step in it is for the congress to approve it, in consultation with the judiciary. And so we’re going to stay very interested in this and we’re going to support it, particularly Labor Secretary Solis. But this is a Honduran problem that will have a Honduran solution.

Boy that is a lot of dancing and words for something that you could have just said NO to…

QUESTION: Once the agreement was announced, the U.S. dropped its freeze on visas for Honduran personalities. Didn’t that constitute some measure of pressure on --

MR. KELLY: I’m not sure I know what you’re referring to. We opened our – we reopened our visa section. Is that what you mean?

QUESTION: Right. Yeah.

MR. KELLY: I don’t think we’ve removed any of the restrictions, though.


QUESTION: Well, was that prompted by an – any understanding of how that – this agreement was to go forward?

MR. KELLY: Well, I think it was just a – it was a gesture to show that we support this Honduran process. We haven’t made any decisions about assistance and about some of the visa restrictions that we have. We want to see how this goes forward.

QUESTION: But the agreement seems to be a non-agreement because now the Honduran congress delayed the vote and the people are back in the streets. So how do you respond to that?

Congress didn´t delay the vote you idiot..they asked for an opinion from the Supreme Court just like the agreement says…doh…how hard is it for the reporters to read the agreement? Who is this idiot asking the question? Someone PLEASE send him a copy of the accord.

MR. KELLY: Well, I think what happened was the congressional leadership met yesterday and wanted to get opinions regarding the restoration from the Supreme Court, the attorney general, and the human rights ombudsman before they considered the issue. This is entirely consistent with the details of the accord. There’s a – I think it’s article five of the accord states that the congress shall consult with other relevant authorities, including the supreme court, in making its decision on restitution. So I mean, I don’t see that this is – in any way runs contrary to the agreement.

Bingo!!! Perfect at least you didn´t uhm…well..oh this time!

QUESTION: On the same topic. What Mr. Zelaya is arguing is that these are just tactics for delaying the implementation of the accord up until, you know, the day of the elections. And the question here is: Will the U.S. still support an election, recognize an election, without implementation of the accord?

MR. KELLY: Look, we’re focused on only one thing, and that’s the implementation of the accord. We’re talking – this is day two and it’s entirely within the rights of the congress to ask for the opinion of the judiciary. I mean, it’s in the accord. So I don’t see any reason for concern on the part of the United States right now.

QUESTION: So then there’s no guarantee –

No guarantee for what? Restitution? Of course not..what part of this is a Honduran Congressional decision did you not understand?

QUESTION: (Inaudible.)

QUESTION: So then there’s no guarantee in the U.S. view that Mr. Zelaya needs to be restored as part of this agreement as long as the congress acts one way or the other?

MR. KELLY: Again, you’re asking me to speculate.

Ian Kelly stop tap dancing and answer the question…Shannon was a big boy and answered it and it should not be that hard..

QUESTION: If the congress --

MR. KELLY: We support the accord. The accord is going forward.

Tap dancing again…

QUESTION: If the congress votes not to restore him --

QUESTION: It’s not the same as --

QUESTION: -- does the United States still regard this as compliance with the accord?

MR. KELLY: You have to repeat that question. I’m sorry.

QUESTION: If the congress votes not to restore him or if the congress does nothing before November 27th, does the United States regard that as a violation of the accord?

The 27th? Don´ t you mean the 29th?

MR. KELLY: We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Right now, nothing in – nobody’s voted against anything right now. Everything that’s happening now is laid out in the accord. So we’re going to let the process play out. We’re going to support the process. We’re going to encourage the people to stay focused on this and make sure that it’s implemented.

QUESTION: Another topic? Another topic, Southeast Europe?

Ian Kelly in his head…please folks anything but Honduras…I do not want to talk about Honduras..I hate this discussion pleaaaseeee! Hillary save me…lmao.  On a side note I bet Ian Kelly has nightmares about Honduras....

QUESTION: Wait, wait. Hold on a second. You say that you’ve been very clear about your position. You say that you’ve been very clear about your position that it was a coup. But in fact, that legal determination was never made even though there were some steps taken. So that’s (a) not clear.

(b) You say you’ve been clear about Zelaya’s restitution. But it sounds like, and from what Tom Shannon and others have said, that as long as the Honduran – all – the Hondurans can agree, it doesn't really matter to you whether Zelaya gets back into office or not.

Boy either this guy is dense or persistent not sure which yet…but dense is what I am leaning for.

MR. KELLY: All right. Well, first of all, on the first point. We have said all along that it was a coup, but the determination was, was whether or not under U.S. law it could be determined as a military coup. And you’re right; we never made that determination, but we have said on multiple occasions from the President on down that we considered what happened in June to have been a coup d'état, the way that Zelaya was bundled up, put on a plane, and flown out of the country.

I'm sorry, what was the second part?

QUESTION: It appears as though, as long as the congress agrees on something, you're willing to accept it even it falls short of Zelaya being restored before the election.

MR. KELLY: I think what we're saying is that we want the two parties to agree.

Kelly that isn´ t what the agreement says…it says Congress has to agree. we go again folks..

QUESTION: Yeah, and if they agree on something that falls short --

MR. KELLY: We want a Honduran solution. If President Zelaya agrees, if the de facto regime agrees, if it's in accordance with Honduran law and democratic principles, then we support it.

QUESTION: Even if it falls short of his --

MR. KELLY: Well, again, you've got the "if" there. We haven't gotten to that point.

QUESTION: Even when it falls short?

MR. KELLY: Oh, you think it's going to fall short?

QUESTION: Well, it's already fallen short. Come on.

MR. KELLY: Like I said, patience, patience. Stay tuned.

QUESTION: The other thing I want to ask is you say it's now day two, but in fact, we're talking about something that's --

MR. KELLY: No, but the accord was only signed a couple days ago.

QUESTION: Yeah, but --

QUESTION: But you've been calling for his --

QUESTION: You've been calling for his return, or saying that you want him to return, since the day he was packed off to Costa Rica or wherever it was.

MR. KELLY: Well, I --

QUESTION: El Salvador.

Ok dude you are outta here…Costa Rica and El Salvador are two very different countries and it was Costa Rica and we sent him in his jammies…sounds like you need to be packed off too.

MR. KELLY: Okay. Let's just see how it works out.

QUESTION: The verification commission is the arbiter of the agreement, how it's carried out. Does Secretary Solis have instructions from this government on how to interpret that agreement in terms of whether Zelaya needs to be in office before the elections?

MR. KELLY: I don't know if "instructions" is the right word.

QUESTION: Well, as the representative of the United States Government.

MR. KELLY: She, of course, is in very close consultation with the State Department. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Craig Kelly is down there with her. The Embassy is very much involved. But again, we are supporting a Honduran process here. This is – the U.S. is not a party necessarily to these discussions between Zelaya and the de facto regime. By saying that she has instructions, it implies that we are somehow involved in a bilateral negotiation with another party, and we're not.

QUESTION: Well, then --

MR. KELLY: We are simply supporting a Honduran process.

QUESTION: But the commission has to interpret whether the accord has been complied with.

MR. KELLY: That's true.

QUESTION: So Mr. Lagos seems to believe that Mr. Zelaya has to be restored before the congress – before the elections can be held, and therefore that's his interpretation.

MR. KELLY: Yeah, I'm sorry. I haven't seen what Mr. Lagos has said, so it's difficult for me to comment on --

QUESTION: Can we move on?

Not on your life Ian Kelly they want to badger the bee jeazus out of you on this subject…

QUESTION: Can you talk about other topic we are trying to ask something for --

QUESTION: Just a quick one. Will there be --

QUESTION: -- thirty minutes?

QUESTION: -- a reply to Zelaya's letter or not, a formal response to it?

MR. KELLY: A formal response? Well, Secretary Clinton is back in the office tomorrow. We'll see. I don't have an answer to that right now.

Bahahahha boy that is the best dancing I have seen by the State Department in a long time…but it is clear that he is using a lot of words to say we don´t give a crap about what Honduras does. We want elections and beyond that we just friggin don´t care.

Taking a Moment

Most of us feel so secure in our person and never really think about how one trip could be our last.

This touched so close to home for me on Sunday.  My husband´s uncle is from Juticalpa and he raised him so he is like his father.  He is a very good friend to a man everyone in Juticalpa knows.  Concho Gomez Lobo.  This man is 68 years old and he was well known around town. He was humble and never presumed.  He did most of his work on his property himself.  He has been married his entire life to Guilian Guifarro, Nationalist Congresslady to Olancho. 

He was kidnapped on Sunday and most of us know in our hearts that it is related to the Honduran crisis. Now all that is left is to pray.

I ask that each one of you please take a moment and pray for his safe return.  He is well liked in the little community of Juticalpa and everyone wants him home safely.

The next message is to the kidnappers in case they see this and I pray they do

Por favor Concho es un amigo de nosotros y nunca deseado mal a nadie.  No lo mal trates es un hombre humilde y bueno todos pedimos que lo liberan.  Encuentran en su corazon a no seperarlo de su familia, dejenlo ir no vale la pena.  Ruego con todo mi alma que entienden la falta que el hace a sus amigos y familia.

Doña Guilian estamos orando por su esposo, yo, mi esposo Reniery, y tio Polo y Rosita. Esperamos que Diosito nos escuche estamos a su servicio por lo que sea. Un fuerte abrazo por todos y cual quier cosa que nesisita avisa a mi tio Polo y le ayudaremos con lo que podamos.

Zelaya Needs Clarification from Hillary

Zelaya is stuck in the Brazilian embassy like a trapped rat.  Shaking the rafters with threats that he would not validate the reconciliation group and the verification comission as well as threats that he would not accept the election results, if he was not restored to power...was met with absolute stunned silence by the US. 

They for the first time realized just how ignorant this man is.  He just doesn´t get it.  He signed an agreement to let Congress decide.  An agreement that the US got him to sign by hours of negotiation.  The next day he was out trashing Thomas Shannon making fabricated claims that Shannon threatened him with the arrest of his son on drug trafficking charges if he did not sign.  Most people met that with a rejection that he could not figure out.  I guess he didn´t realize he pee´d in his own back yard with that one since the US does not just arbitrarily charge folks with drug trafficking unless they have evidence and they don´t usually use it as a bargaining tool either.  So that confirmed for most of us that the US needs to be investigating Hector for drug trafficking.  Also, it confirmed for most of the world that he will lie about anyone to discredit their claims. 

At first I did not believe he signed a resignation letter, but now I believe he did sign the letter and backed out later so that he could make a show of things internationally.  After his latest antics it seems to be the truth of the matter. Even though he says he didn´t sign the letter, I believe he probably did.

Now, he is calling upon Hillary Clinton to clarify if the US supports the ´coup´as he calls it or if she wants him restored to power.  What part of ´I don´t care´ did he not understand in Thomas Shannon´s response yesterday?  I don´t guess he realizes that Thomas Shannon was acting on behalf of the administration and her position is the same as Shannon´s.  They want to recognize the elections as they are a democratic process.  He screwed up this one big time for himself.  He probably realizes that Congress is not likely to vote him back in since they voted him out in the first place and he has already made threats against them, the Supreme Court, and the military and police as well as various business people and private citizens that he determines are ´golpistas´ telling them they have appointments with jail was not a smart thing when your fate rests in their hands.

Maybe mind altering gas did get to him. Or maybe abstaining to much from the drugs he was accostumed to taking have affected his ability to reason and understand what was said to him.