Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mel Zelaya: The Wife Beater

Last week Mel Zelaya so beside himself went crazy and beat his wife badly enough that she had to be taken to a private clinic in Tegucigalpa. 

The ex priest Tamayo tried to defend her and the ´bigote´ insulted him as well. 

Rumor has it that he has went so long without the white stuff he cannot think straight. That may explain why he doesn´t even realize what he signed in the agreement that he thought immediately restored him to power....not quite.

Today the Congress directors voted to send the agreement to the Supreme court, Attorney General, General Procur, and the Human rights (Ramon Custodio) to see what they thought about this.  The Supreme Court already gave their opinion and so has the Attorney General and there is little doubt how Ramon Custodio feels.

Human Rights where are you now?

Today the second political figure was kidnapped...and someone we know well.  He is someone that EVERYONE in Juticalpa knows well.  Concho Gomez Lobo, 68 years old.  The owner of the Texaco gas station in Juticalpa and a rancher.  He roamed around town as if he were poor in old clothing and doing most of his chores himself. 

He is the husband of Guilian Guifarro.  I happen to know them as does my husband´s uncle who raised him.  This is very sad for everyone in Juticalpa and we pray for his safe return regardless of the cause.  Most of us do believe this has to do with the ´resistance´and I blame no one other than Mel Zelaya for this because he knows certainly who he is and I am quite sure that he has the power to get him released.  So he better get moving.  I am not sure why they had not paid for security with all of this nonsense going on.  I realize that don Concho has always been safe and never worried, but it is different now.  Of course it is too late to reflect on that and now we just need to reflect on locating him and getting him home safe.  doña Guilian keep those soldiers with you and have them knock down every resistance member door from here to El Paraiso!

As you all remember not long ago the Defense Minister´s father was also kidnapped and the wife also blames the resistance for this kidnapping.  Neither one of these people were enemy ridden. So who else but the resistance is at fault?  A few of the pro Zelaya websites are even gloating about their pain..SHAME ON THEM!