Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hugo Llorens and Hillary Clinton in Hot Water

Yesterday, Republican legislative leaders asked for a GAO investigation into the activities of the US embassy in Honduras and the ambassador Hugo Llorens along with an investigation in relation to the Department of State and Hillary Clinton and their activities surrounding the Honduran crisis.

The requests all activities from January 1, 2009 to October 26, 2009. 

The letter says:

We ask formally that the General Accounting Office(GAO), open an investigation into any participation, on part of the US embassy in Tegucigalpa and the Department of State, in the actual political situation in Honduras. 

This letter was signed by 21 members of both Congress and the Senate.

An investigation can be opened by the GAO with the request of just 1 Congressman or Senator. 

The investigation should include information about any advice offered to Zelaya in actions before June 28.  The Republicans also asked to investigate if the embassy, Department of State or South US Command were informed about or participated in the expulsion or return of Manuel Zelaya.

It has been rumored that Llorens assisted Zelaya to enter the country with his diplomatic vehicle which cannot be searched.  It is also rumored or suspected by many that the South Command knew about the events before June 28 and it is rumored that Hillary Clinton has made backroom deals with Zelaya in exchange for her support in his return to the presidency. 

All of the things above could get people in a lot of trouble.  If any of this is true Hillary Clinton and Hugo Llorens goose´s are cooked.  This investigation is going to occur and Hillary better get busy with Llorens burning documents again, because the Honduran crisis is turning into their worst nightmare.

Honduras Makes a Complaint to UN About Brazil

Honduras has presented a formal complaint to the United Nations about Brazil.

Julio Rendon, the Honduran representative before the UN has presented a complaint about Brazil. 

The complaint lists the violations of Brazil by allowing the continued presence of Manuel Zelaya, who is using their embassy to call for unrest in the country. 

The complaint says that they are allowing him to call for interference in daily life and in elections that are scheduled for November 29. 

Brazil has commented that the UN will not receive the complaint.  However, they should not be so sure of themselves that the complaint will not be heard.  The complaint should be heard, because regardless of whether the government is actually recognized or not the country of Brazil still has to live by their obligations under the UN rules if they are going to allow Zelaya in their embassy.  Why? Because the UN has a duty to protect the citizens of Honduras and has the duty to make sure that embassies do not violate charters if they are in another country regardless of the status of the country where they are located. 

If Brazil does not recognize Honduras my question is why do they still have an embassy in Honduras? Shouldn´t they have closed their embassy and left for Brazil? If they are going to remain they still have to obey the law.  They should also remind themselves if the complaint isn´t heard that November 29 is a month away and January isn´t so far away either and that government can present a formal complaint against them before the UN and the OAS.  Not to mention that individual citizens can also launch a formal complaint against them.