Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Busy News Day: Highlights of Upcoming Stories

Today has been a very busy news day and I am still doing some legwork to verify sources but here are some of the highlights of what will be covered.

A call by legislatures to the GAO to investigate the US embassy in Honduras and the Department of State(please let this be true!)

A formal complaint to the UN by Honduras against Brazil for interference into internal affairs and causing unrest in Honduras.

US diplomats in Honduras to promote a Honduran solution.

The US OAS representative has apparently moved to change US position on elections in Honduras saying it is unfair to prejudge elections before a complete investigation is done.

The Perfect Vacation: Honduras

Carribean breezes blowing, beautiful water, gorgeous sunsets, and sitting on the beach sipping a piña colada.  Perfect in all aspects including financially.  Honduras is the perfect destination.  It is not overblown by too many tourists but it has all of the beauty and spark of any luxury Carribean vacation.  In fact, the Carribean is where we are at and for a fraction of the price. 

Imagine sitting along the beach gazing out into the end of such a wonderful and relaxing day...ahhh!

So much to do and so much little time.....

Prefer the mountains? Honduras has it all.  Honduras has some of the most beautiful and inspiring mountainranges in the world.

Then we have beautiful malls and cities as well.  So whether you want to shop in the city, eat at Applebees or just get away from it all and hide in the country or at the beach sipping piña coladas we have what you are looking for.

You can even come see our dolphins in Roatan.   There are hotels for everyone from five star resorts to normal hotels.  Check out the scenery and you will fall in love with this tiny country in the Carribean and will be forever addicted.  What is best is on the island of Roatan, English is the spoken language.  Give it a try and you will surely be back for more.