Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now We are Spammers? Well according to Spamhaus and Volokh we are

Ok folks who are associated with an IP address from Cable Sula beware...Spamhause is blocking you as a spammer even if you aren´ seems that we are from Honduras is enough and there really isn´t any way apparently that you can do anything about it. 
They started at 0 on the IP list of Cable Sula´s addresses and blocked all of them through 158 and there is the following addendum to a Sula net apparently all of us have been blacklisted even if we aren´t spammers...just being a customer is enough.  Oh much for posting my rebuttal comment on an article on the Volokh Conspiracy site. 

I guess I will just have to settle for posting it on my blog for the moment.

They were commenting on the situation in Honduras and whether it is a coup or not.
The article from Sept 25. 

What amazes me is that in all of the commentary on the site not one person thought it was important to follow what Hondurans or Honduran government and authorities want.  They were worried about Chavez, the UN, Obama, the US congress, the OAS, and others..but not one of them said that the only people who matter are the people of Honduras and the laws of Honduras are the only ones that should be important in this matter. 

Why does it matter what Miguel D´Escoto thinks? He is a Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolutionary...of course he is biased. That is why the UN became irrelevent especially when Chavez and his goons started using the UN to bully Honduras.

The OAS is also irrelevent because the leader is also a Chavista...Insulza is Chilean and a very hard leftist who could not even get consensus amongst the people in Chile to support him.  Why do we care what this organization who is also now a bully pulpit for Chavez as well? The ALBA members here wanted to actually invade Honduras to force the people of Honduras to accept what they wanted.  They didn´t want a peaceful solution they wanted to invade Honduras.

In the end the only thing that matters is respecting the rights of the Hondurans to live in peace and not have outside interference in internal matters.  It is up to Hondurans to decide what they want to do about Zelaya.  A group of 100 protesters should not be allowed to force their will on the rest of the population by terrorizing them either.  The way it should be handled is by following Honduran laws and the Constitution and the decisions of the legislature and the Supreme Court.  The way that it should be dealt with is by respecting the will of 7.5 million Hondurans on November 29 when they go to the elections and vote their will ...whether it be for one candidate or the other that is not of importance what is of importance is that the people´s decision be respected by the rest of the world and that the rest of the world stop stepping on the will of the Honduran people as if it were insignificant.

Taking a Break from Maids

Ok my life is really very busy on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I always somehow managed in the states though to have a full time job, spend time on the Internet, clean the house, and do all the other stuff for my helpless Honduran soulmate.  His con technique when it comes to the payroll and paperwork for the trucks is I am better at it, write better than he does, and he is too busy.  Oh well it is one of those things I am now used to doing for him and so I do.  Unfortunately, the dispatcher, safety manager, and the terminal manager also think I am more reasonable as well.  It is just easier to make me understand they say...unfortunately when my husband´s dispatch manager was Venezuelan my husband and him both insisted they didn´t understand each other..ok guys you both speak Spanish and my first language is is it that I understand both of you and you don´t understand each other? Ok, whatever, I like Angel and he gave me pretty much whatever I asked for as long as I smoozed him a bit...he is a sucker for girls and could never say no to me...hubby knew that and took full advantage of it.  Angel is a bit of a softy and my husband is rough all around the edges and ex military and never lost his he sounds like he is always breaking in recruits, except with me.  Unfortunately for me that means I have a US phone number now installed here that the company has in their files.  So I get the joy of a full time job that I didn´t volunteer for...and rushing the son around to school, soccer, and whatever else might come up.  I also do some work on line to assist ex pats and Hondurans that are moving back here to Honduras.  The economy has slowed that some.  Well, in the states I never had a maid.  I did the cooking, cleaning, and all of the errands myself.  I never had to do much more than the errands here and teaching the maid to cook over and over again.  My husband and son like my cooking and I admit it is unfair to the maid because my grandparents who raised me had a restaurant and I learned to cook from professionals.  However, my husband was home in September and fired the maid while he was here.  He hated her cooking and cleaning.  I told her so...she didn´t listen.  He didn´t so much disapprove of the flavor of the foods, that would have been fixable.  He is a clean kitchen nut and hates things not done clean.  I was upstairs dealing with something else and she took the chicken chopped it up for chop suey and did not take the skin off or wash it and prepare it with limes.  uh oh...I told her a thousand times...

Then another neighborhood maid came and hollered thorugh the garage gate for her and she dropped the mop and went outside to visit with her..oops again..this time he came upstairs looking very disappointed and I asked what was wrong..I went to see..oh boy! I told her when the man with the check book is around no guests he does not like folks hanging around outside especially when she is working.  Then we went to Olancho for two days to check out the property and buy some cows and pay the worker there.  When we got back my dear who is seriously spoiled and doesn´t use shoes in our house because we have an expensive ceramic floor and he believes that sand scratches it..he is the rule is no shoes and no sand in the house, kicked off his shoes and walked across the floor...sand, this is not good.  He isn´t particular about many things but the floor must be immaculate and shined with ´cero liquido´after it is cleaned with anti bacterial solution that smells really awesome.  I have been married to him for 15 years..I know what he expects.  My grandfather was Navy...they are just alike when it comes to the house.  I had already drilled her on what he would expect and what I was less strict about.  I don´t think it is a bit deal to have on the television or music while doing housework or cooking, he says no.  I also do not think it so bad if she takes 5 minutes to talk to a friend as long as it is not every 15 minutes or so.  I am sticky about the food though..but I had been cooking for us before my ´viejo´showed son won´t eat anyone else´s cooking and he hated her cooking.  I just wrote it off to the difference in some people are born with the ability to cook and she wasn´t endowed that way.  However, she did clean pretty good, woke up on time to work and did work until all of the chores were done even if she stopped in the process.  She always thought we were crazy for the shoe thing though, but it was hard to make her believe that you don´t wear shoes in the house because dirt comes in on them.  In San Pedro Sula sand is everywhere.  She never understood the concept so now I am maidless and in January will be even more busy with work..oh this is not going to be fun.  He is promising to get me another maid from Olancho that will be interesting..a maid who is used to no electricity, no indoor water, dirt floors, and beans everyday for all the meals as well as tons of tortillas in a house where my husband eats 1 or 2 tortillas if any at all and HATES beans.(yes you heard that right, he hates beans...cannot even stand the smell of them yet I like them ok just not three times a day.  I do like tortillas though).  Teaching the maid to use the washing machine can be an adventure. However, on the sneak on Wednesdays I have been having the wife of our ´albaƱil´come and clean for me...she does a great job too bad she can´t do the live in thing.  Shh don´t tell the boss man I am paying her out of the grocery money, what he doesn´t know won´t kill him and besides on Wednesdays the house might as well fall down before it will get cleaned ...starting at 6 am here 8 am on the East Coast my phone starts to ring, husband, drivers, dispatch, terminal manager, and several other folks try to call all at the same it is now 10 pm here and I snuck on the net for a few minutes...silence is golden. I got the duty of FEMA and the SBA as well...yeah the house in Georgia that was not in a flood zone got flooded.  The FEMA guys inspected last week and SBA today..both want to see inside because while we thought just outside they said the insulation is damaged from the flood and so is the foundation.  They want to test for mold..not good....and the poor SBA guy met Gringo. 

As you can see Gringo is a white German Shepard and he weighs a good 85 lbs.  His teeth are really big when he barks..but really who you should be terrified of is Mango..yes you will meet Mango. Fortunately for the SBA guy he stayed out of the backyard and avoided becoming lunch. Our neighborhood sherriff in Douglasville and the dog are best friends...the sherriff has treats..and he knows it.  So he feeds Gringo during the week and checks his water and we give him a little extra for his efforts and he also checks and makes sure all is well with the property and my husband is home on the weekend. Mango, the chi monster came with me. 

This is Mango the Chi Monster and if you ever hear him growl you will know why we call him a monster...(yes, LaGringa in Ceiba he is identical to your two bundles...we will talk sometime cause when I saw Zoe I showed my son and he said...´what is Mango doing there?´ ) Lately Mango has decided it might be fun to bite the water man, the gas man, the fix it person, and anyone else who has a tasty looking he gets toted when people are in the house:) Maybe it is just a stage he is going through. 
Ok Good night folks...I have an early morning is almost over with and I have to mop floors and other stuff I am no longer used to doing.