Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DeMint V Obama Round 2

DeMint has been a pain in Obama´s side since June 28 and has given me renewed hope in the Republican party.

Due to the misjudgement of Obama DeMint has been blocking two appointments of Obama since that time...that was when I concidered it  De Mint 1 and Obama 0 in the political game.  While he couldn´t force him to change his mind he has done serious damage to Obama´s previous squeeky clean image and smashed his popularity ratings..especially in the area of foreign policy. 

Now today he has held a very tempting morsal in front of Obama´s nose.  Obama recognizes the elections and understands they will be a solution to the mess and he allows the two nominees to be voted on for confirmation.
DeMint 2 and Obama 0.  I really like this man.