Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Honduras Air Force Shoots Down Venezuelan Planes and sends message

Honduras yesterday afternoon announced that they were coming to a military agreement to shoot down all planes that refuse to identfy themselves and are suspected of illicit activity.  Soon after that announcement TWO Venezuelan aircraft were brought down.  The aircraft is believed to be involved in either narcotics trafficking or in arming guerrilla groups in Honduras.  The military announced that they will shoot down ALL planes that travel in this fashion across Honduras. GOOD!!!
It is about time that Micheletti did something about Chavez´tactics.  He is probably about ready to have a stroke, but he made the announcements himself that Zelayistas were in his country, Nicaragua and other countries looking for financing and arms as well as guerilla warfare training(ie terrorist training camps for those who are Americans). He thinks the resistence has a ´right´to create civil war in a peaceful country to do what they want.  Sorry Chavez, not this time...you cannot put your filthy hands on Honduras because we will fight to the very bloody end.

World, meet the Honduran Air Force