Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It is About Time Hugo Llorens Did Something Right

Hugo Llorens finally did something right.  He was clear that Radio Globo better do something about their director because he was making a fool of himself with his comments.

I wonder how they will explain themselves?

The letter above is translated as follows

Dear Esteemed Professional Torres:

I am writing to you with surprise and a lack of comprehension.  I am referring to a commentary by one of your reporters and director of News David Romero on September 25, 2009, in which Romero said that the Jews and Israelis are the ones hurting this country.  Particularly disagreeable was the admiration he offered of Adolf Hitler stating ´After all I have learned I wonder why we didn´t let Hitler accomplish his historic mission?´

Mr Villatoro the concentration camps of Hitler and the Holocaust represent one of the most embarrassing acts in human history.  How can it be that your radio has contracted a man as director of news that does not understand this?  Torture and assasinations were committed against millions of innocent people.  The commentary that Mr Romero made makes a joke of any intention he may have of solidarity with people who are marching against injustice.

I cannot help but see the irony that you and Mr Romero visited me last week looking for help after your radio station was closed by the ´defacto´(I hate this word but he used it) authorities. I have spoken clearly and I will continue to do so, that the decree that closed your station was incorrect.  Radio Globo deserves to be on air(really? after calling for murder of Jews and preaching this crap they do not deserve to be on the air...) The right to freedom of expression cannot be broken. (really so why in the US do they yank media license and radio broadcasting and television broadcasting licenses for criminal records, child support, and yes preaching that the holocaust never happened...), but at the same time you have the duty to speak truthfully and with seriousness.  Does Radio Globo accept their moral responsibility? Will you unite with me to condemn this atrocious act that has been committed on air in your radio?

I guess the Jew stuff was more than Llorens could overlook...