Monday, October 05, 2009

Deaths the Resistance Blames on Interim Government

Isis Obed Murillo Mencías 19, this young man was participating in a violent protest at the airport on July 5, 2009 and died from a gunshot wound to the head. The origin of the gunfire is unknown and the killer has not been identified.

This killing did happen during a protest, but it can be argued that he was shot either on purpose or accidentally by someone within the protest and not soldiers.

José Jacobo Euceda Perdomo 18 was shot and killed by police officer Denis Omar Montoya and an arrest warrant was issued for him. This was not a government ordered killing it was a killing because the young man was resisting arrest and how much he was resisting is unknown because there are conflicting versions. He was clearly violating the curfew and if he went for an officers gun that was involved in the arrest it is quite possible he was shot in self defense, but much is unknown and while the officer did flee in Honduras one cannot presume guilt because of fleeing because many people flee out of fear of being killed themselves by family even if the death is an accident. He was shot to death in El Carmen which is known as a very violent area in San Pedro Sula. There is a lot of gang activity and crime so clearly the police will be more tense in situations involving this area.

Wendy Elizabeth Avila 24, suffered an asthma attack evidently from a combination of events including prolonged exposure to tear gas. It is clear that she was not killed by the police. The young lady, while her death is lamentable, knew her condition was serious and that she should not put herself in a situation where her asthma might be aggravated into an attack that could endanger her life. A person is responsible for making sure that their health is protected. Tear gas is not illegal for use and the International community regards it as legitimate usage to break up riots. A combination of things probably brought on her attack and caused her demise. On the day she died it was extremely hot which is bad for asthma, she was also in a very stressful situation which can bring on serious, life threatening events in asthmatics. According to her death certificate she was not killed but died of an asthma attack that caused respiratory arrest.

Roger Iván Bados was killed on July 11 at his home by unknown assailants that knocked on the door. The assailants have not been identified and we do not know if he had personal enemies who may have taken advantage of the time frame to kill him as is common in Honduras. This death can certainly NOT be attributed as being related to political causes at this point. An investigation should be done by independent police enforcement such as from the FBI, etc.

Ramón Garcia was killed on July 12 when he was pulled off a bus by unknown individuals. He was shot by them and no one knows who they are and if this is or is not related to the crisis. I believe it should be investigated by an independent police department, but at this point it is very hasty to relate it to the political crisis.

Pedro Magdiel Muñoz Salvador was arrested on July 24 for violating the curfew and the police say he was released a few hours later. There is no proof that he wasn´t released. He was found stabbed to death in El Paraiso but there is nothing to link this to the police or the government as an ordered killing. He was clearly there to protest but a later death similar to this one was related to a 15 year old kid with a penchant for smoking pot and being violent.

Roger Abraham Vallejo Soriano was killed by a gunshot to the head on July 31 at a protest. The resistance claims that he was shot by police, but eye witnesses say that he was trying to loot a business and that he was told by the security officer if he tried to do so that he would be shot and was subsequently shot by the security officer. This should clearly be investigated to determine who caused the death of this teacher, but if he was trying to loot a business whether shot by police or security guard it can be argued that this would be a justifiable shooting.

Martin Florencio Rivera Barrientos was killed on the 2nd of August and the resistance claims he was killed by the police, but he was NOT killed by the police. On August 3 it was determined that a 15 year old was responsible for his murder and killed Rivera when he told him that he was going to call the police because he was smoking pot. This killing did have characteristics similar to the killing in El Paraiso so perhaps it needs to be determined if this kid was also there during that killing and if he is also responsible for the other murder.

There are groups out there alleging that there are 12 deaths that are the fault of the Micheletti government or even claim that he has ordered these deaths and other reports allege some 16 deaths even others claim hundreds and blood flowing in the streets. Of course then there is reality not every death or even a small faction are related to the situation here I can see of two that can be directly attributed and neither of those can be blamed on Micheletti as ordered assassinations. I have seen absolutely no proof of any 12 deaths that were murders ordered by Micheletti or that there is substantial proof that they were related to the government. Of all of these only one can be directly contributed to a police officer and that person was resisting arrest by all accounts of the events that led up to his death. While it was probably wrong to kill him we do not know the circumstances and therefore cannot determine if the killing is justifiable or not.

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