Friday, October 02, 2009

The Interesting Adventure of Honduran Cuisine

When I came to Honduras for the first time in 1996 I was not prepared for the foods that I encountered.  I had learned Honduran cuisine lite with my husband, but not much was available in the states as to what exactly it entailed.  I mostly cooked Tex Mex for the first two years of our marriage which is the cuisine I grew up with.  I desperately wanted to learn his ethnic foods though in order to give him that since I love to cook and learn new things. 

I am a curious sort by nature and not afraid to ask many questions.  So over the years I have mastered Honduran foods and while some took awhile to get used to; I overall love the food here and it is really quite simple. 

Tonight I am making something that I learned from a friend.  Rice and Beans...yes they call it that...not the Spanish words but the English ones...why? I don´t have a clue...but it is a Garifuna recipe...and very simple and delicious.

To make Rice and Beans Honduran style.

1 pound of small Central American red beans
1 can of coconut milk
2 cups rice
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
salt and pepper
1/2 bell pepper
1 seasoning package for red beans

Cook beans first until done preferablly in barro dump in seasoning and salt and pepper.  Take the rice, wash it in a rice colinder.  Chop onion fine, chop garlic and chop bell pepper.  Cook this in oil in the pan you use for rice.  Pour in rice, stir for a minute or two and pour in coconut milk, beans, use the bean water for better flavor till twice the height of rice add salt and pepper to taste.  Cook on low until dry.  Serve alone or as a side dish.  Delicious!

Flooding in Douglasville,Georgia

The flooding that hit Georgia two weeks ago did affect our home there.  We did not know it until Wednesday evening when my husband flew back to the states to find a disaster waiting for him.  The interior of the house is largely unaffected and he thinks the foundation is stable, but the flood waters did get into the crawl space, knocked down trees, our fence, the storm drain that runs under our driveway destroyed the driveway and is uprooted into the yard.  The people half a block from us lost their homes to the flood waters.  He said he was in shock and was left speechless when he turned onto the street to find the unthinkable...our non flood area was destroyed by the flood.  He didn´t tell me until yesterday and did not really want to tell me details because he felt I had enough to deal with...I drug all of it out of him today when a FEMA application showed up in my email via Saxby Chambliss´office because our address is smack in the area that flooded.  There is thousands of dollars in damage and it didn´t get to the interior of the house...I cannot imagine how my neighbors our collecting themselves right now....we just have exterior stuff and protecting from future rains to deal with...they have to completely rebuild.

Have any of you that read this blog dealt with FEMA before? What can I expect now that we put in the application for damage? How long will it take for them to show up and look at the property?  How will they determine the amount of damage and how long will it take for them to complete the process?  Any guidance that anyone can give me will be of this point I am at a loss for words.