Thursday, October 01, 2009

Costa Rican President Never Read Honduran Constitution

Arias needs to recuse himself immediately from this crisis.  How absolutely incompetent can a person be when they have failed to even bother to read the constitution in question in the crisis and whether it was legal or not to remove Zelaya. 

To determine the legality of the issue wouldn´t you need to at least have minimal information? How embarrassing!

Then to have the audacity to offend the people of Honduras, the legislature, and the Supreme Court by calling it the worst constitution in the world.  I have to ask Arias...what precisely makes it the worst constitution? Or is that a poor and silly excuse for realizing that the Supreme Court was following the law and you were too sloppy to realize it at the time?

Honduras has one of the longest and most detailed constitutions in the world...and it is one of the most simple constitutions to understand for the common what precisely makes him think that it is just so horrible? What a slap in the face...

Arias went in with an agenda and did not care about the law, our constitution or anything other than making Hugo Chavez and Insulza happy.  He did not care what the people of Honduras wanted...he only cared about his own ego trip.

Radio Globo: Who is David Romero

Radio Globo lost their license for GOOD reason and should have lost it long ago.

In fact, I have to ask why isn´t David Romero in PRISON? That is indeed where he belongs.  He has a long criminal record and a very shady past as a terrorist.

This man raped his own ten year old daughter at his birthday party and she made an official police report in 2002 about his continued rape of her.

He made his start as a member of the communist party and founded a terrorist group in Honduras known as the People´s Revolutionary Union. 

In 1981 this group was behind the hijacking of flight 414 headed to New Orleans.

In 1988 they attacked 4 US servicemen outside a nightclub in Honduras

Overall their terrorist activities have caused 28 deaths...this is like supporting Al Qaeda folks...

Rodolfo Padilla Suseri: San Pedro Sula Mayor ineligible

There was a time when I had faith that he was an honest mayor.  However, most of that belief has been set aside with shame, anger, and grief.

Sunseri had a very good chance of winning again, but the Zelaya situation brought forth some serious scandals on part of Sunseri and showed him to not be very honest at all.  Now there are very serious charges that he is facing and he disappeared to the United States to try to avoid charges since he is a citizen of the United States.  This same citizenship is what gave many people here faith that he would not be corrupt.  He is a very wealthy man and really has very little reason to steal from the city, but he has been charged with that.  I will reserve whether he is guilty or not to the courts.  I have seen that we owe serious amounts of money to La Lima over the toll booths between the two cities.  We owe enough that they have taken control of it until it is paid.  Where did the money go? Who knows..only Sunseri can answer that and he is refusing to say a word.

He also has been charged with misuse of gas funds for personal vehicles as well as using the city vehicles for personal use, which is all illegal.  Not only was he doing it but so were all his ´friends´.  Or this is what he is charged with at this point. 

If he actually did this I would hope that he would be a man and admit to his wrongdoing and face the music for his actions.  I have little hope that he will do this since he will not even return to Honduras and face his charges in person.  Instead he hides behind mommy´s skirt in Florida. 

Had he came to face the music I might hold out hope that he is being wrongly accused, but at this point there is very little faith in me that these charges are wrong.  If I am innocent I turn myself in and fight it from there..I don´t run to another country and cry to mommy about how it is all political.  The Supreme Court is not a political institution they are apolitical.  They want him on serious charges.