Sunday, September 27, 2009

How Hard Is it To Define Status?

Brazil has now clarified broken relations with Honduras thus now the ten day period to clarify the status of Manuel Zelaya and their embassy in Tegucigalpa. 

Brazil's president responded in a rather childish manner that he doesn't have to define the status because he doesn't recognize Honduras.  If he doesn't recognize Honduras what the hell is his diplomats doing in a country that he does not recognize? 

I say after the ten days to hell with everyone, all bets off, invade the embassy, deport the diplomats from the country and arrest Zelaya. 

Now that might sound harsh but under arrest we are much more likely to find peace within.  In some prison in Moskitia he cannot call people to insurrection and make false claims of radiation torture and mind altering gas...all things shown to be lies and fantasy by witnesses in the embassy such as the Red Cross.

Most of us knew already that the claims were wild eyed delusional fantasy, but it helps when the Red Cross backs you up...

I was impressed when the government sent the OAS with their butting in where they do not belong diplomats back to where they came from...I wanted to stand up and shout horray....

Many think it was a mistake...I think they were right...This is a Honduras problem, not an International problem.  Zelaya is back in the country hiding like the coward he is in the embassy of Brazil. 

My understanding is that the OAS had no intention of coming to negotiate anyway...their motive for being here was to go and get Zelaya and transfer him to the US move.

Not to mention we kicked Hungary's butt today in the soccer.