Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ambassador Reina, the Honduran Ambassador at the United Nations and his Visa

It came out recently that Ambassador Reina lacks a visa to be present in the US because it was revoked in the 80's for terrorism.  In fact, special considerations had to be acheived in order for him to serve as the UN ambassador that represents Honduras. 

Micheletti brought this information forward in a Fox News interview.  This information that Micheletti gave is absolutely true.  Several weeks ago I brought this information forward and people thought I was crazy until they started researching it and found out that I was absolutely telling the truth. 

Reina on the other hand categorically denies that he set off bombs in Honduras, yet he seems to have little explination for the US revocation of his visa for terrorism...his excuse he says he was fighting for democracy in the 80's in Honduras.  I find that interesting concidering that in 1982 the constitution was formed and his charges came AFTER the writing of the constitution and a democratic government was already established.  So exactly what democracy was he fighting for? He admits he and his brother went to jail for their activities in relation to the state which they claim was a freedom fight.  However, fighting against a state and committing terrorist acts against a state is still terrorism.

Under Carlos Roberto Reina's administration as president (they are brothers) crime  spiraled out of control.  By April of 1997 there were 7 kidnappings for ransom.  Among these kidnappings for ransom was the son of Ricardo Maduro who was killed by gunfire during the kidnapping and his body guard was seriously injured.  Ricardo Maduro would later become president of Honduras with the promise to declare war on gang members...a promise he kept.  In fact, some say that his administration called for the prison in San Pedro Sula to be set on fire in the area where gang members are held.  In that fire hundreds died.  However, no one could ever prove this was a fact.  Most people in Honduras do not care what is the truth or how he achieved the crime fighting..they only care that it was acheived during his administration.  The effects of his efforts lasted until Zelaya took office.  When Zelaya took office crime spiraled out of control worse than it had ever been.  While crime is still out of control it is being fought tooth and nail and will probably take more than a year of effort to bring things under control.  Since the fall of the Zelaya administration some notable arrests have been made:
1. Marcelo Chimirri, ex CEO of Hondutel and charged with bribery

2. Miguel Carrion, illegal possession of several firearms and illicit association(being around or participant in a gang)

3. Narcotics traffickers that were involved in using Honduras as a transit point to the US have now been captured while they were given a free pass during the Zelaya administration.
21 men and 3 women were arrested in Columbia.  They are accused of sending at least 8 tons of cocaine to the US using Honduras and Nicaragua as transit points.  (Obama are you paying attention now?)

4. The mayor of Omoa was suspended from his seat for abuse of authority

5. Several kidnapping and car theft rings have been captured.

I have to say that all of this is quite a feat for just 3 months of administration by Micheletti.  I am starting to regret the impending elections and wishing that Micheletti were in control just a little longer.  I realize that the elections have to occur for democracy to be intact...but we can only pray that the next administration will be as stubborn and insistent that corruption ends in Honduras and the willingness to stop crime and put people in jail is still there.  For the good of Honduras they really do not have a choice...the only other option will be a Civil war that we will all regret.

Micheletti an Honest Man or a Corrupt Polititian

Micheletti has been a career polititian since the 60´s and a businessman of conciderable success. 

I have frequently heard accusations that Micheletti is corrupt because he has been a polititan for so long.  That just does not make sense to me.  How can a person be condemned a certainly corrupt because of the amount of time that they have been a polititan?

Venezuela´s government blog classifies him as a businessman who has been able to get reelected over and over again for more than 30 years in Congress.  Is this an indictment?Certainly not.  In Chavez´accusations of Micheletti he calls him one of the old guards of the Liberal immediate reaction is, so what...this doesn´t make him corrupt. He certainly does not try to hide that he was one of the civil guards of President Ramon Villeda Morales before the coup that took Villeda out of power.  In fact, it makes it clear that he understands what is and is not a coup.

Chavez goes on to accuse Micheletti in being responsible for the attempt against one of the judges Luis Javier Santos on Sept 1, 2008.  I ask him where is the evidence.  If there were evidence against him it would have surely not been something we would forget.

He accuses him of paying off officials to remove Santos from the ballot.  That is interesting concidering he had no need to pay anyone off to remove Santos from the ballot.  Santos was vice president and resigned, if his resignation had not been accepted he would not have been allowed on the ballot because someone who has been vice president cannot obtain the office of the presidency while he is in the executive office.  That is not saying he could not run, but he had to resign first and that resignation had to be accepted.  It was accepted and that put an end to the conflict.  His resignation was about more than running for president.  Santos and Zelaya had been having conflict after conflict over corruption of Zelaya during the past year.  I don´t recall Santos ever accusing Micheletti of paying off judges or claiming to have evidence of this.  If he does he better bring it forward now.

Another radio station who calls itself part of the revolutionary government of Nicaragua takes it a step further, not only do they concider Micheletti the prime executor of the ´coup´but they concider Montealegre a thief.  In all of their accusations they do not present why they think this except that it is an intent to stop the revolutionary governments of Latin America.  That is not corruption it is trying to put a stop to the abuses of ALBA governments that have clear alliances with our enemies such as Iran.  Iran is not our friend, they hate the west and that includes Venezuela.  What is next? Is Chavez going to remove Catholicism from his midst and announce Sharia law?

Let´s take a look at who Montealegre is.  Eduardo Montealegre is from Nicaragua so he has no political power in Honduras.  So his mention of an alliance with Micheletti in corruption is hillarious to say the least. He is known as Napolean in the private sector.  He has a fortune of 5 million Euros.  He worked in the World Bank sector and is a massive success financially.  This does not make him corrupt.  It sounds to me that there is some class envy going on .

I am still waiting for this proof of corruption, but for the meantime it seems we have false accusations that cannot be proven against a man who seems to be of integrity to say the least.  He has done more to put corrupt individuals in jail than the last ten presidents have done collectively.  Among those in his list were Miguel Carrion and Marcelo Chimirri.  I think he is showing to be of a valuable reputation that this country has long needed.  Personally had I known ahead of time as with others Micheletti instead of Santos would have been on the presidential ballot and Santos would be sitting where Micheletti is now...not because Santos is corrupt, he has done his own projects against corruption, but for the meantime..this individual is very proud of what the Liberal Roberto Micheletti BaĆ­n has done for Honduras.

$31.5 million spent on Fourth Ballot Project While Children Were Starving

600 million lempiras or what is the equivelent of $31.5 million was spent on an illegal project while teachers, municipal workers, and nurses did not get paid for months nor did they receive the promised raise in their salaries. 

In November of last year major strikes by teachers siezed Honduras and the education system was paralized as it has been so many times before.  Many times parents such as myself have supported teachers in their demands to be paid, but this time they are all alone..parents do not support their strike for political motives.

What I have to reflect on now that all of this money was spent is where the money went and how it was spent and how it could have been used more effectively instead of spending it on a project that was declared illegal several times before it was implemented. All the while 20% of the population languishes in misery and hunger. That represents 1.4 million people or approximately 350,000 families of 4. All of these families could have received assistence with the money that was spent on the fourth ballot project.

We know that the money included multimillions of lempiras in payoffs (kickbacks) to reporters in exchange for support of the illegal project.  One reporter received 22 million lempiras and another received 32 million lempiras to support the illegal project.  This amounts to a total of nearly $3 million.  The amount of money spent could have finished paving every neighborhood in innercity San Pedro Sula.  It also could have fed 36,000 families for a week and that is just a fraction of what was spent.

The leftover amount could have been used for many things instead of this illegal project. I believe that those involved in the waste of public funds in such a fashion should have their property and bank accounts seized for their illegal actions and those who can be implicated should face jail terms for the kickbacks and payoffs that have occurred in massive amounts. 

What is real shameful is that 600 million lempiras could feed 400,000 families for a week.  This money could have been spent on reinforcement of development projects such as upgrades to the health system.  Implimentation of a food for the hungry project so that at the very least the most vunerable could recieve basic supplies such as beans and rice to eat during the months of June and July when production is at a standstill and food is scarce.  600 million could have been used to help rebuild after the massive earthquake that struck in May and left many still scrambling to repair the damage including myself.  I have cracks in my walls that are traveling like cracked glass.  The person we have hired to do our repairs has found a windfall in our neighbors and we have to regulate ourselves to allow him to work with us one day and someone else the next because people you can trust in your home are few and far between and I have used him for many projects that he has completed beautifully.  For him this is great, but what about the people who do not have the money to complete the repairs? I remember not days after the earthquake stole our well being(yes people still think the earth moves beneath them and we fear sleep because most of us think another one is going to strike that will bring the walls down on top of us).  The days immediately after the earthquake revealed serious damage, houses collapsed, people were killed, and our courthouse to this day lays in ruins with no sign of it being repaired in the near future.  It would take about 32 million or so to repair the courthouse to standard and probably about another 5 million to persue those who did such horrid work that caused it to buckle in the tremble in the first place. 
Most buildings that are well built in Honduras are fairly resistent to quakes but are technically built to resist hurricanes not quakes.  Wood is only used close to the coast and in the poorest neighborhoods.  Wood is not a practical material in Honduras because of termites and carpenter ants.  Our home is completely wood free except furniture and cabinets. 

Can you imagine the social change that 600 million lempiras could initiate? Think about can a person profess to love the poor and spend so much money in something that people cannot eat or live in? What about the project of the houses that still stands empty to this day considered uninhabitable by the environmentalists because of modifications that are needed to protect the river below from environmental harm...couldn´t this money have been used to fix this neighborhood and occupy the homes by those who need them the most? What a horrible waste of money, not just a sin, but a crime against the poor of Honduras.  What will it take to have a president who will really initiate social change?