Thursday, August 27, 2009

It Is About Oil...(hanging my head now in shame)

I have for two months now tried to figure out why in the world the US was acting in this fashion.  Chavez I could understand because he is just a loud mouth, but my home country? WTH?

Well for years the Democrats have screamed about Bush and Iraq and little did I know they are cut from the same cloth...months back they announced they are against drilling in Alaska but want to encourage and expand exploration abroad...this came right after Russian experts discovered oil in Honduras.  Not just a little oil either, but a huge source of oil.

There is a tiny problem though, the Honduran constitution is standing in the way of the pulling that oil out of the foreigners anyway.  Hondurans can use it for Honduras and the government can explore and refine it..but foreigners can´t have it, touch it, or anything to the is enough btw to tell everyone in the world to take a hike.

How much is enough? 150,000 km2 off of the coasts of Tela and Moskitia.  There is another smaller reserve but not like the one in the Caribbean.  It belongs to Honduras and no one can touch is estimated to be at least 3 billion tons of the stuff and it contains sulfer and is lighter in weight than other it is more valuable. Oh boy...not good for this little country when it comes to bullies like Chavez and the US...face it guys the US is a bully when it doesn´t get its way.

I wonder if Nader knows about this? I wonder if Sierra is paying attention? probably not, but they should be...because I am willing to bet that since their hero Zelaya got thrown out and they know that Micheletti nor Pepe and certainly not Santos are going to negotiate the petro they want Zelaya back even if he is a dictator...because he will give them the oil...

Tell everyone you know about not let them get away with it. They are busy trying to make themselves look innocent and Hillary is as bad or worse than Bush was...she is dirty and she certainly isn´t going to admit it so you have to throw it in her face before she will back off.

What They Knew and When They Knew It

Normally I would write off the US was behind it or knew about it as a conspiracy.  However, this time it seems to be somewhat true.

There were several meetings at the US embassy before June 28 with different members of government and Manuel Zelaya about his illegal referendum.  What was told to members of Congress including Micheletti who was basically the president of Congress at the time was that it didn´t matter how legal it was they would call anything they did to remove Zelaya a coup.  So basically even if we had not removed him from the country they would have called it a coup anyhow.  It was a damned if you do and damned if you don´t situation.

Why the US would take this position I have no clue.  The only thing I can assume is that last year testing discovered one of the largest oil reserves in America in Honduran territory and our constitution the way it is written prohibits this oil from being exploited by foreign sources.  This is one of the articles he wanted to reform in addition to throwing out our entire constitution.

They claim they tried to stop the situation and I agree they probably did.  However, they didn´t try hard enough.  What they should have done is been very hard nosed with Zelaya instead of Congress and it would have stopped the entire situation.  What they had to tell him is that not only would they support the impeachment but they would try and convict him in the US if he continued with his illegal referendum.  That would have ended the nonsense right then and there.  He would not have broken into the airforce base and stolen documents that were siezed and he would have accepted the poll was illegal and said that while he wanted to do it that he wasn´t going to because the court had ruled it illegal.

However, the new US government is inexperienced at hard ball and who to play it with.  They were threatening the wrong side. The government of Honduras had already told them that they wanted him to not do the referendum because it had been ruled illegal and that if he did they would remove him regardless of the US position.  So their strategy should have been in dealing with Zelaya and not with Micheletti in stopping the situation.