Friday, August 21, 2009

Animal Abuse in Effort to Prevent Children from Going to School

This is outrageous to anyone who loves animals and also for any parent who cannot fathom the director of a school going to such a length to deny children the right to come to school.  What other needs more protection of their rights than children? They are our most delicate of all and need their rights protected fiercely as do those of animals need to be protected.
I have watched countless amounts of animal abuse in Honduras and it really saddens me that people here care so little about their pets many times starving them because food for animals is fairly expensive, letting them roam the streets, tying them up sometimes in the hot sun and without water.  Truly sad.
This happened in Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan, Honduras at the elementary school Republica de Costa Rica. I sincerely hope animal rights groups are paying attention to this.  I also hope that groups that defend children´s rights are taking serious notes of the denial of education to 2 million children in Honduras.

100 Days Till Election Day

Countdown time is here we are 100 days from election day.  TSE and RNP is in Miami registering people so that they can vote in the elections this year. This is a time that no one should miss everyone that is qualified to vote SHOULD vote.  Do not let people tell you that you should boycott the election this is dishonest and takes your voice away.

People also should vote their belief as well and not a party line or because Grandma always voted that way.  It is time to do something about our situation and demand CHANGE.