Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 51 Countdown

It has been 51 days since Zelaya was removed from power and it has been 51 days since Micheletti was named the new interim president.
August 31 the campaign season starts and the countdown is already occurring. We have 13 days left before he campaign season starts and exactly 102 days till Election day on November 29. In 13 weeks we will be electing a new president.
Now I have to ask myself and others this...with this little time left until campaign season starts, until elections arrive, etc how in the world are the world leaders still calling for the restoration of Manuel Zelaya Rosales to power? After knowing all they know about him and they are still willing to take the chance this close to the end? I am not willing to do that and hopefully most other Hondurans feel the same way. I believe that by far the majority does.
I really have to wonder after the elections have came and went will they still be calling for the restoration of Manuel Zelaya? I have little doubt that Hugo Gorilla Chavez will be calling for his restoration until Dooms day. I have little doubt about the rest of the ALBA thugs as well. They seem to be a bigger gang of thugs that Iran and Kim Jong. However, what about the rest of the world? Will they still be calling for negotiated solutions and restoration of Manuel Zelaya? His term ends January 27 and elections are November 29. I cannot fathom anyone who is rational calling for his restoration after either of those dates and certainly not after the latter date. It would be like saying that the election of Barack Obama was illegitimate and that George Bush must be restored. Hillary has trouble seeing past her own leftist agenda so she surely cannot see the forest for the trees...no one ever accused her of being rational...I can see her cussing in the halls of the White House about how hard headed Hondurans are..and why we just don´t get that having a dicatator is good for us..especially a Hugo puppet dictator.
Time will only tell.
In other news, Insulza is still planning on coming to Honduras in spite of the threat to his personal safety. I only hope and pray that nothing happens to this guy. If it does they cannot blame us because he was warned and wanted to come anyway. We should make him declare publicly ahead of time that he realizes that his life is in danger from outside sources and that he is taking the risk and that Hondruas is not responsible for his safety.

Freedom of Expression

Free Expression (as translated from La Tribuna today´s edition.)

We reproduce this public information recap ting the cases that have occurred since the 28th of June past that constitutes attempts and aggressions against reporters and free expression. The most recent of the attacks with Molotov cocktails was suffered the past weekend in the newspaper El Heraldo, the burning of a newspaper delivery vehicle for La Tribuna that belonged to a young man that distributed La Tribuna in Olancho. Threats also occurred to the equipment of this media by a group of supporters of the deposed president Zelaya in the municipality of Pespire. In Choloma, the photographer of Diario Tiempo, Julio Umaña was beaten and his equipment was stolen by agents of the ´order´.
The installations of some communications mediums have not been saved from the view of the protestors who have written their discontent on walls since the start of the crisis.
The first reporters to be attacked were communicators of La Tribuna, Anny Castro, Omar Banegas, and Juan Ramón Sosa who suffered the aggression at the hands of followers of Zelaya. The case of Sosa was similar to the aggressions of the photographers of Tiempo. Sosa was confused by the police as one of the protesters and also it was useless to identify him. After he was hit, Sosa was put in a patrol unit and taken to a police post where he was later freed.
The reporter Henry Carbajal also was almost lynched by the protesters on the border with Nicaragua, at the crossing of Las Manos. The aggressors hit him, pushed him and took his equipment; they also insulted him and waved machetes at him threatening to hurt him. The graphic reporter of El Heraldo, Johnny Magellans also suffered aggressions that day by the furious protesters in front of the installations of the Presidential house. Héctor Clara, graphic reporter for Tiempo also was beaten by the police on the 5th of August while he was covering the manifestations against the actual government in the area of UNAH.
The 2nd of July past the reporter Jeremías Bustillo of La Tribuna was attacked by followers of the deposed president in front of the UN building. All of this started when one of the leaders of the National Resistance Front asked him to identify himself. After that the protesters attacked him but the opportune intervention of foreign reporters stopped the situation from becoming more serious.
The reporter of Televicentro, Marcos Castro, also was attacked on the 13th of July, but this time by teachers and directors of schools, when he was trying to cover a reunion of the installations of Central Institute of Vicente Cáceres. The 22nd of June foreign reporters had located themselves in the installations of the assistance centre they were attacked with bags of water and were accused of being paid by Hugo Chavez.
The reporter of the state channel 8 of Venezuela, said that various police agents entered the hotel where they were staying and they were verbally attacked, even though the police declared that they had a stolen car in their possession. The correspondent of the Venezuelan television Telesur was detained by military the 29th of July. The 4th of July past an artefact exploded in front of the building where Channel 11 in Tegucigalpa is located provoking material damage. According to witnesses a person that had a book bag on their arm from a motorcycle threw the bomb. This week the radio station Radio America of Tegucigalpa was attacked with a grenade that did not explode.