Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rioters Headed by Zelaya´s Daughter Burn Bus and Restaurant

I wonder if Human Rights Watch is paying attention and going to denounce this? Pichu and her mother Xiomara, Manuel Zelaya´s wife and daughter(remind yourself he is galavanting around the world with his mistress....), led a group of violent protesters today and incited them to destroy things. They burned a bus which in Honduras are not owned by large companies but individuals who usually are barely making it, what is really interesting is they tried to trap the people on the bus and not let them off and attacked them as they exited the bus. They also burned a local Popeyes restaurant...while Popeyes is owned by a chain clearly the people damaged are the minimum wage workers who lose their job due to the fire. Not to mention the women and children that were injured and nearly killed in this fire. They broke out the windows of other restaurants and painted walls. The groups of teachers claim that they aren´t doing it that it is inflitrated individuals...I am now saying that is a LIE. A BOLD FACED LIE at that. These teachers are doing the damage themselves. What is really amazing is that children were participating in these marches...and where is the responsibility in this taking your children to commit crimes? Yeah some good example these delinquents are.. All institutions not imparting classes from tomorrow forward without missing a single day and working Saturday as well..should have their school year cancelled and the teachers in said institution should be fired, their titles confiscated, and be jailed for a minimum of 200 days...the amount of days these children are losing in their educational years. If they have children they should be removed and placed in homes where they will be cared for and taught by example and not by these thugs. All I can say to them is smile you are on Candid camara each time you do this you are being filmed or your picture is being taken and some of us are going to take advantage of that and hunt you down and place ourselves in the responsibility of taking your butts in and putting you in jail..if that doesn´t work don´t scream when we start taking justice in our own hands.
The teacher who was killed in the last violent protest in Tegus was apparently killed by a security guard protecting the business from this violent protester who was trying to loot the place...it came out later that he was a teacher...yeah some hero there..and since the police didn´t kill him what now?

Costa Rican President Oscar Arias has AH1N1 virus

He was hospitalized this evening with ´swine flu´as it was known as. He is the first president to be diagnosed with this virus.
In Honduras, on June 22,2009 the first death from this virus was confirmed. The victim was a 23 year old pregnant female.
Aleek Castellon, Liberal Candidate for mayor of Portrerillos, Cortes, Honduras died from AH1N1 virus only two weeks ago.
More attention needs to be paid to this virus and the prevention of the spread of the virus.