Saturday, August 01, 2009

Ortega will be responsible for violence says Civic Organization

A Nicaraguan Civic Organization says that President Daniel Ortega will be responsible for any act of violence or loss of human life on the border where Manuel Zelaya is organizing a resistence.
They apply responsibility to him by stating that he is violating norms and laws of national and international nature.
They also apply responsibility to him for numerous financial losses in the entirety of Central America due to the presence of Zelaya in Las Manos.
The Movement for Nicaragua exerts that Ortega should stop allowing national territory to incite violence in Honduras and preserve the option of peace the same as was decided by Nicaraguans 20 years ago.
At the same time they insisted that the International community respect the rights of each country to make their own determination and abide by the presendence of not involving themselves in internal matters of a state.

Over the past few days I have been reading the Nicaraguan La Prensa and this particular article was found in the Honduran paper Proceso Digital.
Things are red hot politically right now in Nicaragua due to this issue. I feel dismayed that a Honduran president has sent them into a crisis due to his unwillingness to turn himself in and face justice.

I am close to betting that within a month that Nicaragua will be the new center of international attention because they also sent their leader to Costa Rica in his pajamas.

Refugee Status and statements by the UN

Hondurans who have arrived in Nicaragua claiming refugee status have found themselves in political limbo and for good reason. (no one is oppressing them..they can go about their lives with NO danger ...but if they attack people and place themselves in the middle of strikes that are illegal due to the fact they block free flow of traffic yes they find themselves in danger..otherwise...nope they aren´t in danger...not even if they were in Nicaragua.

A mission visited the border on the 29th and 30th of July. They state that there is no doubt that their presence there is to carry out political plans.
The United Nations cannot support any political movements and the mandate of agencies is strictly humanitarian. Due to this the population claiming refugee status that needs international protection in reality must move away from the border to inner Nicaragua to assure that public order is kept and to avoid involving themselves in political movements that would remove their protected status.

So basically they are illegal immigrants trying to create a war with Honduras and the UN recognized that was true and told them they cannot help them till they get far away from the border.

Countdown To Election Day

Elections are on November 29, 2009 and the winner of the election will take hold of the presidency on January 27,2010. I am counting the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until that happens. It isn´t so much about Micheletti. I think he has done a great job concidering everything that has happened. I wanted to celebrate the day teachers and other government employees not at their posts were told they would have to give back the months pay they didn´t work for. Finally someone stood up to their nonsense strikes. I feel strongly that if you do not work you don´t get paid.

The primary was held last November. The date had been changed to a little later because there was a state of emergency at the time due to floods. However, it was held. The principal candidates are Porferio Lobo Sosa (Pepe) from Juticalpa, Olancho, he is the candidate for the Nationalista party.
The other principal candidate is Elvin Santos OrdoƱez, Liberal party Candidate from Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan.
Other party candidates are
Unificacion Democratica: Cesar Ham
Independent: Carlos H Reyes
PINU: Bernard Martinez, he is an ethnic Garifuna, originally from La Ceiba
Democratica Cristiana: Felicito Avila

In the coming days I will be adding more about the platforms of each candidate. The candidates, parties, ect are not the simple right or left that you see and understand in the United States. Even still platforms vary greatly in definition from the United States..Honduran politics are much more complicated to understand and most people vote along party lines because their family is either liberal or nationalista...(cachureco), my husband´s family by tradition is nationalista because one of their family members was brutally murdered by liberals many years ago.

Telesur has dropped to New Lows

La prensa provided a video that was analized by professionals that Telesur had uploaded to You Tube about supposed military supression in El Paraiso. Several people who live in the area and in Honduras questioned the authentic nature of the video and had it was completely fabricated. The whole thing..and one of the pro Zelaya peaceful folks..had an automatic weapon in his possesion.