Monday, July 27, 2009

Media Circus Side Show

I am angry beyond all words...absolutely embarrassing is how I would describe this past weekend.
Ex President Zelaya never intended to step into Honduran territory...he knew they would arrest him. He also realized that he didn´t have enough support there to actually pull off entering without being arrested at the border and that the civil war he imagined was not going to happen no matter how much he demanded Hondurans to kill each other over him.
The only thing positive out of this entire mess is the entire world has woke up to his game...people are starting to ask questions and lift eyebrows a bit about his intentions and why he is doing this.
A young man was murdered at the border..which of course happens..but he was tortured and he was stabbed to death. I would not say that the police or military did this right away because investigations still need to occur and it is possible that we need to look into his past to see if this was a crime of opportunity in which they took advantage that people would assume things...or if it was a crime where he was murdered to try to cause an uprising or if it was indeed the police..however, it isn´t really normal to see people stabbed by the police and the torture of broken wrists, ect...just doesn´t sit right it seems staged to me and should be investigated to the fullest degree with authorities and assistance from international authorities to find the responsible parties. The actions of the family afterwards toward two police who were plain clothed and investigating his murder tells me the family has hostility toward the police already...and that makes me question his background...those who react the way they did...burning a police car, ect...are not going to be upstanding citizens....and it is a fact of life here that if you are not an upstanding citizen you will probably end up murdered and have no one but yourself to blame in the process. He had been detained earlier for possession of marijuana but was released later...since simple use is not a felony he was only held for a few hours and let go...if he is this fine citizen that never does wrong and couldn´t possibly have enemies why was he in posession of an illegal substance?